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  1. Just emphasizing the point K1ra made about bears health. I think it is the combination of a high torpor value and low health, but make sure they are not damaged when you start and use a rifle and tranq darts if you have them.
  2. To add to this, start all the exp buffs you can before completing the quest.
  3. @McDave01 you can sink foundations on quetz platform saddles and rafts. Let me know what problems you have and I can help.
  4. docredduke10

    Green dye

    Some colors use the exact same ingredients, but in different proportions. So you need to follow the recipe exactly.
  5. Troodons should be awesome. We have been spamming the ad for amber button for the past 3 weeks!
  6. You can search for Iguana Gaming on Youtube. She just did an interview with the maker of the Mobile version of Ark about the dungeons. I can answer some of your questions based on watching that video. 1. God mode is not allowed in the dungeons. Certain rooms or areas could be completed without triggering the required pre-request for advancing to the next area, thus creating bugs in the game. 2. Creature difficulty will be scaled to server difficulty. Traps will be same difficulty for everyone. Single player boss can have 50k health. 3. There will be dungeon exclusive creatures, I do not think that all the rest of the new creatures will just be dungeon exclusive, but do not know that. 4. Question not answered, but there will be different environmental elements in the game.
  7. I think they have to have a foundation below them. Check to see.
  8. There should be a foundation below it to blow up.
  9. Show us a screen shot of said giga. Gigas do not gain a lot of health through leveling up.
  10. See if you can build a ramp underneath him
  11. Also, use soothing balm. My kids have played different platforms and told me that mobile is actually faster, but that is to account for the higher creature levels.
  12. You need to go into controls and set the secondary attack to whatever you want. For me the barrel role is tapping 2 fingertips at the same time on the right side of the screen. But I think you have to set it in controls.
  13. Share a pic of where you are first.
  14. They can swim a good distance, just make sure stamina is full before starting.
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