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  1. docredduke10

    To All It May Concern

    I am not sure it is a violation or not, but if you are trying to get him banned, you would need his name in a screen shot and submit ticket. I do not think posting here will get anything done for you.
  2. docredduke10

    Fabricated Sniper Rifle on mobile.

    I can make the normal one and it is nice for PvP because it already has a scope and you can attach a silencer to it.
  3. docredduke10

    Breeding Anglerfish from Yeti Cave

    @RakkasanThey have done a real good job cleaning up the ability of griefers causing you problems in PvE zones. Our server is established and the only bad thing is that it almost becomes a PvE server because you start trading with everyone, then you hate to kill them.
  4. docredduke10

    Ice Cave Wolves

    The differences between multiplayer and singleplayer are interesting.
  5. docredduke10

    Breeding Anglerfish from Yeti Cave

    To clarify, all caves in a PvX server are PvP zones. Caves in PvE servers are PvE zones.
  6. docredduke10

    Feeding through assistance please.

    Fish has a lower food value, but raw fish seems to last almost as long as cooked meat when kept in a feeding trough. So for my water pen I just use fresh fish meat.
  7. docredduke10

    Purlovias should give more than 15 minute warning before untaming

    I would agree that 3 days is probably a little too quick for tames unclaiming. I do not think there is a way to get an alert besides the 15 minute one for tames unclaiming. But you need to get used to looking, using or walking on structures and tames. I would look at the purlovia on a daily bases if you are using it to keep your stuff safe. Personally, I have seen other peoples tames go unclaimed and it would be 1 out of 20 or so in the pen. The rest would have 3 days to unclaim. They were just forgetting to look at the one tame at the end of a line of them. You can also set push notifications to let you know while you are not playing the game.
  8. docredduke10

    Breeding Anglerfish from Yeti Cave

    I play PvX hard server currently, but all caves are considered PvP zones. I have seen Tuso close to swamp before. There may be a certain depth for a chance for them to spawn in. Other than that, maybe you could place a revival platform there, revive it, then destroy the platform?
  9. docredduke10

    LYSTROSAURAS xp boost in PVX?

    I am on a PvX server, but my base is in the PvE zone. My lystrosaurus does boost XP, but you have to pet it and the effect only lasts a certain period of time.
  10. docredduke10

    Feeding through assistance please.

    @gorefangsPut a stack of every fruit and veggie in their inventory and ride them around outside your base, whichever stack is reduced is the food they prefer. Just because they prefer it does not mean it is the most efficient, however.
  11. docredduke10

    Best caving Dino?

    Oh, in multiplayer, you cannot keep anything above the level 450 cap. I have tamed above level 450, but at server reset they disappear. *LOL, that makes more sense what you have been saying before.
  12. docredduke10

    Breeding Anglerfish from Yeti Cave

    I may have seen a mosa in the yeti cave. Has anyone else?
  13. docredduke10

    Feeding through assistance please.

    I use mejoberries because they stack to 500. With brontos, etc 1 stack of 500 last me over 4 days.
  14. docredduke10

    Ice Cave Wolves

    What level was the wolf? I wonder if it will not let you revive if it is over level 450. Can you post a pic of implant after you killed it?
  15. docredduke10

    Best caving Dino?

    @Bush84, maybe I am missing something. Is the cave wolf you are resurrecting above level 450? Because, I can tame a wild saber to level 450 since I am on a hard server with wild sabers at level 300.