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  1. yes official i play on ab extinction and island last 2 are the only one keep getting meshed i thought about moving out but every place i know that is hard to raid legit is easy to mesh ie shadow cave ice center pearl center mushrom rag cave island carno island ice cave island underwater easy cave etc and every other place that is hard to mesh is actually easy to raid legit and hard to defend the base on ab is doing fine been holding up for 7 months but extinction is a must for elements and island for breeding since i cant breed flyers gigas etc on ab so i am stuck in here it isnt worth it they dont mesh with their main accounts they use accounts bought for 5-10$ and mostly lvl 70-80
  2. how to defend against meshers i got meshed 3 times this month after the first attempt we placed some velos/turrets half in mesh to shot at the meshers they reported me and the admin removed them with a warning in the tribe log that ill get dev wiped if i place turrets/dinos attacking thru mesh yet today we got meshed again this time they got into my death wall and did some damage reported him and he got banned before he could do more damage but i am having really hard time to defend the base against meshers so could you give me any tip how to defend against them ?
  3. i am not sure how it works on unofficial but on official no it wouldnt but rhinos do great 4-5 rhinos 1800 dmg 5 cakes and that is it no need for pig neither yuti we just did the boss few minutes ago 5 rhinos 10 cakes per rhino 25 med brews 2 set of 900+ dura flak per player 118-150 saddles for the rhinos and that is it
  4. i believe the new map valgero has all three bosses spawns at once so it is the fastest way to unlock most of the engrams manticore dragon and the monkey also the dragon&manticore on valg and ragnarok are easy unlike the dragon on island is way too hard but could be done with rhinos just a note island dragon unlock some extra engrams than valg and rag ab boss is different and spawns only on ab map it is hard to collects its tirbutes cause the alpha reaper and alpha basilisk are pretty hard to find but it unlocks 15+ levels and some useful stuff like the tek bed overseer unlocks 15+ levels aswell but it is the hardest one in both fighting it and collecting the the tirbutes basically you gonna need all the 3 bosses heads from island killing every alpha dino on the map also collecting tirbutes for all the 3 alpha bosses in island also spinos and gigas kinda rare on island so kill those on sight you would need them a lot long story short story if you want to just fight the bosses then stick to valg it is easy but if you want to unlock engrams and levels ascension then you gonna need to play on ab island also valg for manticore for ab you gonna need around 3-4 players good velos or megs and stegos also light pets shot guns assault rifles for the alpha dragon on island theris or rhinos but make sure they are really well breeded ( dont use rexes or what ever eats meat they would get toasted ) for broodmother and the monkey also manticore rexes would do fine combined with a yuti to boost them up oh and theries for the overseer
  5. i never played pve more than 5h but the mana nerf kinda made sense i believe even for pve i used it to kill wild gigas when it first came out even a tamed giga cant kill a wild giga so isnt that kinda op ? i remember doing bosses with the mana solo and alpha too used it to farm meat hide polymer etc.. fast way to get around , raid , grief killing bosses taming bosses etc,, so it kinda made other dinos useless tbh right now i have a mana line on pvp hatches at 600 damge 13k hp 2070 stamina after leveling up it gets up to 50-60k hp it was for rushing bases , 14k stamina for scouting around 1900 weight for transport or 6000 stam 1000dmg and a 190+ saddle for fighting so it is still pretty much op oh plus i never use any underwater dino now cause the mana is the best tame to go underwater eles arent a problem anymore squids cant grab you it is faster than any dino while swiming it could regenerate oxygen if spammed space could regain stam underwater also could fight sea dinos
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