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  1. Hey I found a video of how the person is sending all these people to the island.
  2. I have a video for what Ark needs the most and who is the mastermind behind all of the Mystery surrounding Ark . Also go check out my blog: http://jesgartung.blogspot.com/
  3. Purlovia is a reptile not a mammal. The reason why it has fur because it belongs to synsapids class or mammal like reptile.
  4. Wow I guess the Sabertooth salmon would be more annoying if they were small.
  5. I think there have been explores to Ark since the stone age by the looks of the scroll someone visited the island from medieval japan.
  6. A saber tooth salmon then a leech what next a giant misqoutio?
  7. You can now all thank me for brining you the Sabertooth salmon.
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