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  1. Im just wondering if anyone knows if ankys have a damage cap like the magmas? I play on PC PVE Official
  2. Are they not doing the usual weekend x2 anymore? or not this weekend?
  3. Are there any dinos that dont take Gnashing damage? My tribe and I are trying to do the gamma boss on Genesis and we are having trouble with the last part because the gigas do there gnashing damage and pretty much rek us. I was just curious if there was a dino or maybe a basic mek that doesnt get that damage
  4. pretty sure. i dont get whale saddles from dodo basketball like i do from ruffled feathers
  5. What games give you flak bps? I was curious if anyone has found which mini games are giving flak bps? I figured one of them does I just can't figure out which one it is. I'm talking about Genesis of course Thank you for any and all help
  6. Are the tombstones on every map or certain ones?
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