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  1. So I made a thing for the New Kibble rework : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wGJta4uhqHEiHwGkoOE97kVX5E06hxsyPv6mUlQRIIs/ Google Docs Ark Kibble Rework 3/5/19 *subject to edits if changes occur *
  2. For me,, I love most of the things on Abb. The Reapers are awesome and look great. I am obsessed w/ Wyverns so Rock drakes are another thing I really enjoy, you can get so much utility from them. Buuttt I do enjoy all the shoulder tames too ,, I want to tame all the things! haha
  3. My personal experience and talking to several other players on this topic, Gender does NOT matter for egg spawns. I have picked up eggs from "Male" Wyverns that come out with the same color pattern as the one seen. The only time gender matters is for the Milking. Happy Hunting!
  4. Thank you for posting this thread.. I love all the wyverns haha but ice is definitely easy to get once you now the spawns I've gone off of this pic before and was helpful. But it's definitely one of those things once you see them in the locations, you go... how did I miss this before? Happy Hunting!
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