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  1. WE tamed a Basi a few weeks ago and that thing is amazing ❤️ Immune to stings/grabs.. tanky as hell... Spout rainbows is just the bonus Basi all the Way
  2. Lenna


    I enjoy Ark but it has consumed my life XD I play many other games if I break from Ark. I also started doing those diamond paintings, which as fun, but you definitely have to have patience for I enjoy music, watching movies, and just having fun w/ friends and fellow gamers
  3. Lenna

    Glitches With Baby Dinos

    The starving glitch is super annoying, you have to watch your dinos closely until juvenile stage w/ it currently like this. It sems as tho the dino stops Maturing for a little bit but the health doesnt reset to the vurrent food value, so their health keeps going up until the glitch resets it. Another glitch that is annoying is when you have a baby dino in the roo's pouch, it sometimes just goes "poof' ... No falling thru the floor, no starvation, just gone. But the starvation glitch needs to befixed ASAP
  4. Lenna

    Display Mutation Facets in UI

    As someone who recently got into breeding dinos, I honestly think this is a great idea. I mostly keep track of base stats of a dino thru folders, but sometimes there is no way of knowing what the base stats of a dino were if you buy from someone else or forget folders, etc, etc. I think it wouldn't be too hard to implement because it already keeps track of the mutations in the line, so they could just allow us to see what stat got mutated and that way you can easily further your line if you know what mutations you get in it, without having to guess.
  5. What if there could be a way to filter what you could collect from dinos? (And yes, I know you can just filter through the items you don't want and drop them) But let's say you are on a meat run or something, you could have the option to only collect the meat in your dino's inventory if you wanted. Or like the Doed's on rag.. instead of half stone, half sand, you could do either or. It's not a necessary feature but I think it could be cool to have for those who only want a certain dino to pick up certain material while farming.
  6. Lenna

    What is yalls favorite abb tame

    For me,, I love most of the things on Abb. The Reapers are awesome and look great. I am obsessed w/ Wyverns so Rock drakes are another thing I really enjoy, you can get so much utility from them. Buuttt I do enjoy all the shoulder tames too ,, ❤️ I want to tame all the things! haha
  7. Lenna

    Ice Wyvern Egg Spawn: Does gender REALLY matter?

    My personal experience and talking to several other players on this topic, Gender does NOT matter for egg spawns. I have picked up eggs from "Male" Wyverns that come out with the same color pattern as the one seen. The only time gender matters is for the Milking. Happy Hunting!
  8. Really nice! You have some great building skills Do you come up w/ Builds yourself or do you use videos and guides to help? Either way Awesome job!
  9. Lenna

    ice wyvern egg locations 2018

    Thank you for posting this thread.. I love all the wyverns haha but ice is definitely easy to get once you now the spawns I've gone off of this pic before and was helpful. But it's definitely one of those things once you see them in the locations, you go... how did I miss this before? Happy Hunting!
  10. Lenna

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome! and good luck!
  11. Lenna


    Hello Snail collector Good luck on Ark!
  12. Lenna

    hello folks!

    Hello and Welcome
  13. Lenna


    Welcome to the Ark, New Survivor! Good luck
  14. All these suggestions work really well. if you are doing well resource wise, you could also pay someone to raise babies for you if you don't have time to do it yourself... you can also ally up w/ people so that you can have babies eat outta their troughs and still be able to imprint yourself. I currently do raising for fellow survivors on my official rag server It really helps to prep before any baby w/ alot of food and extra fridges so you can stock up on meat / berries for the new addition
  15. Lenna

    screenshot Design pics

    Hello! I have Built a few things for my base on the Rag Sever I play on This is my current water pen I'll add more pics of stuff later.. Youtube is definitely a great place to get ideas