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  1. steam messed up a patch its pretty simple, all MMO's had problems connecting to servers right after steam released todays update. doesn't take a rocket scientist to put the pieces together. also I'm not telling anyone not to post just simply stating know your info before you start pointing fingers and coming up with reasons you pulled out of your fart box about why things aren't doing what they're supposed to.
  2. still uses steam servers and services to link the server list to the hosts, again know what you're talking about before you chime in.
  3. my entire cluster wont show up when trying to join so its not just ppl trying to transfer, know what you're talking before talking it keeps the ignorance at bay. as for the steam maintenance it can effect a single game if yall knew the slightest bit about how all this works you would realize its possible, and quit trying to flame WC for every little thing. they do a damn good job for a game and network this massive.
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