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  1. I looked it up on YouTube and to spawn one in type this
  2. I'm unable to make myself admin even tho it's my server. I highlight my name then press add admin but nothing happens. But I'm able to use every other console command like spawning in an alpha wyvern. So idk what's wrong. I have tried this on my singleplayer and multiplayer server. Both of which I can use all cheats except spawning a Reaper.
  3. I tried that and even used the code where it spawns them untamed and nothing happened by my game freezing for a little. I dont think it's possible to spawn them in unless you are on aberration bc I went on there and spawned them no problem. Kinda sucks for xbox one bc I dont really like playing on aberration
  4. I have tried spawning the reaper king or queen on the the island and ragnarok but neither have worked. My game either crashes or freezes. I was wondering if there was a way around it or if it is even possible to spawn them on Xbox without playing on Aberration. I have tried both console commands for the king and queen and the impregnating command. Neither have worked on my xbox one server
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