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  1. Weekend Fun Time! Pull Up Boys!
  2. 10xPVE Abberation/Ragnarock/Center.  All of our servers have Custom Shops & Shop Reward System. Killing Alphas & Random Dinos Yield Points. Dinos, Structures & Turrets are Buffed! 15x PVP Mods Structures Plus HG Stacks 5k-90 Najs Speedy Flyers Rare Sightings SelVision ACM v2.7.1294 Death Helper Editable Server UI Tribute & Element Transfer Auto Engrams (Dino Cap 150 w/Rares @ 200) 10x PVE Mods Structures Plus Sel Vision Advanced Engram Unlocker Rare Sightings ACM Death Helper Castles Keeps and Forts Editable Server UI Builders Helmet Human NPCs Ascension4All (Dino Cap 260 w/Rares @ 300) PVE The Center steam://connect/asylumgaming.ddns.me:27019 Ragnarock steam://connect/asylumgaming.ddns.me:27020 Mod Collection for Servers - PVE https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804640700
  3. Still having a Blast! Active PVP FTW!
  4. Ranking up on topark! New battery backup installed to thwart any nasty power outages!
  5. Actively Supporting 26 Players! Let's make it 50!
  6. Lots of room across both clusters to get in and build your dream base!
  7. Still climbing the ranks daily! come join in if you are looking for a chill group of pvpers who enjoy world pvp over 10 hour raids!
  8. Hoving in the high 200s! on toparkservers.com Keep it real guys!
  9. https://toparkservers.com/server/ Looking pretty good! Still seeing new joins every few hours!