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  1. Would it be possible to retrieve an old save of a legacy server? I built this city on Official Server 54 (PvPvE) from launch to December 2016, but I had to prioritize real life when the server transfers were re-enabled in November 2016. I just got a GTX 1080 Ti, and I'd really like to finish the build! What you can't see very well in this screenshot is that: It's enormous. Most of the egg laying happened on the other side of the arch. All the buildings are connected by wooden catwalks: you can even walk raptors, gigantopithecuses, and terror birds up to the acropolis (Parthenon) at the top left. The foundations on the acropolis (and other places) are terraced so that you can walk smoothly across them even though they're at different heights. Using terracing and pillar/ceiling height adjustments, huge sections of the base are built on the same horizontal grid. From the middle of this screen to the right, all the tiles are square with one another. It had a pier, and later a harbor that stretched out to the shelf south of Stonehenge. It had an enormous turret dome (it survived for a year and a half, and apparently for months after I had to leave it). The place was entirely enclosed by a 2x2 wall made of stone and metal with vaults inside. Thank you for your help, especially @Jat and @Jen!
  2. I would like to be able to modify the individual values of NPCs as assessed by ?MaxPersonalTamedDinos=(num). For instance, I would like to make brontosaurus take up 20 slots, triceratops 10 slots, and mesopithecus 1 slot (the default value). On my server, I want to set a low tamed dino limit (e.g. 100) without grossly favoring the late-game tames. I haven't found a command for this in the current server options (circa September 2017). Is it currently possible? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys! As of v 245.4, I'm experiencing the above crash every time I approach the area around the volcano cave (lat 41.5 | long 46.9) on the Island (official server). It doesn't seem to matter from what direction I approach. After the crash, I'm able to re-launch the game, and load into that area as normal, but if I leave the area and come back, the game crashes again. I have a little over 3,500 hours in Ark, and I never experienced this crash until v245. I have verified the integrity of the game cache, and every time it tells me that between 2 and 3 files need to be re-downloaded. After verifying the cache, the game still crashes in the same place. I uninstalled and reinstalled Ark, but the game still crashes. This poster seems to be experiencing the same crash, but I don't know whether it's tied to the same location. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. You know, I'd be totally on board with the Steam beta angle, but the thing that I think would be missing from separate beta testing is the leveraging of assets (i.e. dinos, bases, blueprints) that the player has been carefully cultivating for months. I grant you that advertising a roll back greatly reduces the gravity of placing those assets in jeopardy, but it's the closest way I can think of to playing out scenarios that actually occur on the official servers.
  5. Hello, ladies and gentlemen! The title is my suggestion: To promote balance testing on official servers, advertise a rollback to the beginning of the balance period (and needless to say, when the testing is finished, roll back). I play on an official server; and since the 231 patch, we're down to about 25% of our pre-holiday players because none of them want to lose the dinos they've been working on for months. I love the idea of these balance changes, but I can't honestly tell you whether they're an improvement because the few people who are online are sitting at home whispering to their dinos, "Shhh. It's going to be alright,"—myself included. Everybody's upset because they've lost their powerhouses, but few people are actually giving it a try outside their ring of behemoth gates. By encouraging a sort of reckless play, I think you'll get better-informed feedback because players will actually accustom themselves to the changes. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, Diogenes [ed. for typographical errors]