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  1. WolthTeef

    Osd near 39/62 has a hole in the map

    Fighting a purple osd there, my tribemates and I have a triangle of gigas surrounding it when the giga standing on the nw corner fell thru the ground. Player was dismounted and landed on the ground normally. Lost a good saddle. Edit- Also noticed that owls tend to get really glitchy when you walk them too close to another dino, rubber banding like crazy, the fix has been to simply jump off. A couple weeks ago this happened, my tribemate jumped off and the owl jerked about 20 yards away and died instantly.
  2. WolthTeef

    Gacha and Element Dust

    Ok then. Looks like I need to start looking. That's a good amount.
  3. WolthTeef

    Gacha and Element Dust

    How much dust does it produce per crystal, may I ask?
  4. WolthTeef

    what is the highest melee u found on tamed giga?

    Thanks. This program is awesome.
  5. WolthTeef

    what is the highest melee u found on tamed giga?

    Good to know. How do you get the correct numbers for tamed Dino's then?
  6. WolthTeef

    what is the highest melee u found on tamed giga?

    I tamed a 150 Argy that ended up with 406 damage. That's 63 points. Insane.
  7. WolthTeef

    what is the highest melee u found on tamed giga?

    205. Was on a 145.
  8. Played an aberration unoffial pvp game for about 5 min. Died. When I tried to respawn the game just closed, no nothing, just home screen. Tried to rejoin the server half a dozen times. Just before loading up the map, home screen. I tried hard reset, reset modem. My Nat is open. Started a new aberration pvp game, played with my buds for about 5 hours then home screen. Can't rejoin. Really annoyed. Uninstalled aberration tonight and will reinstall. Not sure if it will help. I have my own Nitrado pve server for 6 months. This never happened before today.
  9. WolthTeef

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Are Tek rex allowed in bass arena? Or are they just for show.
  10. WolthTeef

    Where did you find your 100+ rex BP saddle?

    My 124 bp came from the cave of lost hope? The underwater cave on the west side of the map.
  11. WolthTeef

    Breeding Confusion

    I understand that. The issue is I have a baby that is 12 lvls HIGHER than the mom and 17 lvls HIGHER than the dad with no stats to show. That shouldn't be possible. I can understand bad records causing confusion going down lvls, things being lower than what I thought they should be but no record keeping can explain mystery lvls applied.
  12. WolthTeef

    Breeding Confusion

    The torper is a bit higher and the mele now is .1 higher. It got all of the highest stats of the parents except one. And that one came from the dad. They have the same movement speed. It's essentially a clone of the mom with lower weight but 12 lvls higher.
  13. WolthTeef

    Breeding Confusion

    First off, I would not consider myself a noob at breeding. I've done it plenty with rexs and raptors, sabers etc. I bred a pair of megaloceros today, female lvl 187, male stands at 182, not sure if anyone applied any lvls to it, it was tamed awhile back. The baby came out at 199 and has the exact same stats as the female except for a lower weight stat. Can this be explained? What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated.