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  1. On 4/6/2023 at 1:15 AM, PacoTheCrazy said:

    This comment is referred to everyone blaming WC for this.

    The cause of the problem is not WC but the shady publisher of ark Snail Games that is know to milk cash form games and just abandon them when they are no longer worth the trouble. Some examples of those milked games published by snail games are Atlas, Dark and Light, Last Oasis and PixArk to name a few.

    To clarify Snail Games is just forcing WC to monetise ark as much as possible because it is one of their last sorce of revenue, as all the other games they have published died off completely or are just not providing enough money.

    I think WC holds some responsibility in this too. From the beginning they have operated from a grey area. WC kind of wants the old gamers to leave so they can bring in the new pay-to-play gamers, sell them skins we earned PLAYING THE ACTUAL EVENTS FOR YEARS. All Dev's, not just WC lack creative thinking to make MT's that are useful services to gamers. It's always just skins/cosmetics... I for one need goals to work for in games. I don't mind paying for a service that provides function for the players like no decay timers or better paid servers. 

    Best they could do in 8 years is;

    -The rifle still doesn't reload properly. 

    -Lose more dinos/gear to crashing and transfers than playing the game.

    -Characters progress lost in transfer.

    Gamers have been offering paid subscriptions or types of MT's for years. Instead, they want to reset character progress and pay to play the 3rd time around. That's not Snail. That's all WC. All the personal real lifetime we invest in their product is just a 'game' to them. I question if I will support this change. Maybe just finish the game before Aug and then post how much I get done Not playing ASA over the next 8 years of my life. Go back to no commitment gaming. 

    Just ask yourself this before you download ASA and invest your money and priceless time. 

    Should I get (or finish) a degree in 'insert passion here' or re-play a remaster over the next 8 years?

    Which brings up, has a remaster ever saved or renewed a games player base for years to come, aren't they just short-lived trips down memory lane?




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  2. 7 hours ago, D1rtyharry said:

    Well that says it all, Wild card has just announced we are not Trust worthy. 

    Free upgrade to UE 5 - Hmm take that back no it $50 and as their is only 1 map so for an extra $20 you can play Scorched earth too.

    i persosnally play with my 2 kids so for me thats $210.

    You no longer can play on your Ark 1 server as we are deleting them all ...Thanks for your money just pay again.

    You do get Ark 2 with this bundle at the end of 2021 nope 2022 nope 2023 nope 2024 Maybe. But we cant show you any game play, graphics, Dino's, structures infact we cant / wont show you anything other than concept Art Just take our word for it ...Hmmmm NO THANKS

    Personally for me i would prefer to pay say $20  for the Ascended and crack on with that and possibly paid DLC in the future. As i think their will be too many changes to ark 2 and it wont feel like ark attall  and for alot of people will be disappointing  ( Mcdonalds released the big mac in 1967 and who dosent like a big mac now and again ) no need to change the game completely in my opinion

    Look into Family Share Settings. You don't have to buy it 3 times for the consoles in your household. They don't make this very clear because people just pay for multiple accounts and installs. You get 3 profiles linked to share the live and all games purchased from the main account.

  3. 1654 as well and 1542 before that. Other servers are running just fine, but a hand few are being manipulated in some way. Mission crashing, Strider Crashing or other bugs. Who really knows. After taking a weeks vacation for Gen 2 release and hardly being able to play, with 0 response to tech support tickets from multiple people, I'm at my end. We moved servers only for it to catch up last night. Tribe of 8. They won't do anything. You are just stuck like this until they release a patch for Xbox next week (PC today). Just starting over on another server that is working in the meantime. You are #1 WildCard t(o.o). 

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