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  1. This app is confusing and dose the let me host in Australia it shucked up how do I use it
  2. 100 stim Berry’s, very useful for almost nothing almost
  3. No no no no no no no no no no no no real men use 2 dodo and a club Real men arnt smart men though if you want to win the fight and not look like a bad ass and play those one in a million chances just safe spot it
  4. I’m trying to breed the perfect dire wolf so far it’s going poop but I’m still trying
  5. Vortex597

    HELP ME!

    The forums is partially chinese or something can some one help like all the displayed words
  6. Join me on pvx Asia non primal pass server we are getting ready to wipe the asians
  7. Mine is what ever the default one is because I am not restarting
  8. Just keep trying or do hardcore brutal cause you get decent exp from that but you lose alot
  9. Alright this is it the beggining of the end of the rein of the asians they may be pay to win glitch exploiting cheaters but today is the day they regret screwing with me and everyone else. It started when I joined the game on mobile I was on laughing skulls hard Asian my huge alliance was defeated by the asians we never recovered and we disbanded. On the new Asian pvx server we have had aggressive Dino’s dropped on our games multiple times all failing we have had asians try wall us off from everything we have had blatant luring but now we are taking control we almost have unlocked c4 we need to tame our war argys but we will be ready in about 2 days all we need now is the man power who else wants to take a piece of the glory and make them pay for your huge mansion they leveled or that one raft you spent hours building or maybe that 449 Rex that you spent hours taming breeding and leveling. If you join us Pvx, medium, Oasis, Asian we can reclaim what was and still can be ours right now it’s me and my other friend who are doing everything we have others but they are inactive and really arnt willing to put in the hours required we need people, who’s with me.
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