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  1. Ive had a few what I believe to be clever names... Pteranodons- Ptom, Ptimmy, Soaring Pterror Dung Beetles- Dungis, Dig Dung, Dungle Berry, Teach Me How To Dungy Dimorphodon- Zazu Compy- The Coroner (for the dark shade around her eyes) Bronto- Long Neck Style (this one is from a friend of mine) Quetzal- Pretzel (got a dimorph after this and named it Pretzelbitez) Carno- Timofy (cuz of how their mouth is shaped, looked like it would pronounce Timothy as Timofy to me) Rhino- Rambi (from Donkey Kong Country) Terror Birds- Horror Hawk, Scary Sparrow, Fearful Finch Pachys- Lou Bega (male) and his 7 women Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, Sandra, Mary, Jessica Penguins- P/mpguin (cuz we are breeding and have only 1 male with 10 female) Cant think of any more at the moment.
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