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  1. Dangioffre

    [Xbox One] Ragnarok drop time?

    8am EDT 12AM GMT
  2. Dangioffre

    xbox ragnarok

    No idea man. Dont think they release that information.
  3. Dangioffre

    xbox ragnarok

    thanks for the update. They prob did not say what time it will go live right?
  4. Dangioffre

    xbox ragnarok

    I know some websites said the 31st. A few buddy in the tribe said the same as well. I got my 2 days off of work next week. I want to make sure I line them up with the DLC and not waste a good day off. ah
  5. Dangioffre

    xbox ragnarok

    Is it still the 29th??? I hear it was delayed again but I dont see anything on that. Also if it still is the 29th.Does anyone know what time the DLC will go live?