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  1. Well me and my whole clan are going to move on to other games after losing everything without any warning when they took down our server and obviously no one really cares if they lose players as i have sent in several requests for help starting the day after the migration but no reply or help. They claim the files are backed up but when i download them i get over 36,000 files with numbers for file names and I have no idea what my number would be or how i can move them to another official server unless it is my server. What a load of crap and I really liked this game but if a years worth of work doesn't even warrant an email or something before it goes by bye then my time and money will go. Thanks for nothing!
  2. I got the zip file from that list which contains probably over a hundred files when unpacked. how do I know which files are from our tribe and how do i install them on a different server? Just looked and the file came with over 36000 files, yes thousand. they are numbered but not sure what number refers to my character or if that is how it works.
  3. How do i use the zip file and what will it restore? Thanks for the link they sure don't make this too easy.
  4. Well our server got canned without any warning that anyone of the three of us in the tribe received. If we can't get all the work we put into this game back because of their lack of consideration of the players I will not be back in this game for years. There are a lot of really good games out there where a years worth of hard work don't get wiped out without notice and I am not willing to start over just so it can get wiped again and again. They got my email when i registered the game and i am on Steam all the time but not one single notice. I guess if you don't read every single Arc news article you don't find these things out. I'm not even sure how to contact them to find how and were the server save files are located which they mentioned in the same article that listed all the servers being killed.
  5. I was on our server every few days but somehow missed any messages about deleting our server. Is there anyway to get save files and restore all our hard work onto another server now? I believe our server was pve-officialserver326 Why were there not emails or other messages sent out before they were shut down and if there were how do i start getting them?
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