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  1. It got patched during the first week. Originally it was something like -80 and your health would drain rapidly, even in primitive fur. Now you can travel there in prim fur and survive with some med brews or basic 'med food' (make a recipe with some crafting skill that gives good HP). A bit of a shame that it was patched, as the area was very difficult to even scout on PVP and there were some OP base spots. But now you can cruise around in a tek suit.
  2. The map is gorgeous and has many great mechanics making it fun to explore. Sadly, the situation with element is game-breaking. The first requirement for Tek Tier is a replicator, which needs 100 element. The main early-game element resource on here are the 2 charge nodes in the ab-style cave. However, this can be blocked off. Once the incumbent tribe has 100 ele and reaches tek, they can also block off the entrance to the shards cave. This gives 1 tribe limitless element. No other tribe is then realistically able to progress into Tek Tier, which makes it nearly impossible to progress. The main 'alpha' tribe is now able to fully Tek-Fob any base, and pickup with the Exo Mek. Nobody can compete. This also makes taming / raising incredibly hard. I foresee all PVP servers will drop to low pop within the next week, and will remain completely uncompetitive until transfers open. The resolution would be to: 1. Make the entire Wyvern and Volcano pit non-build zone 2. Scatter a lot more charge nodes around the map 3. Ensure areas with Green, Blue, Red gems, and Element Ore, are not able to be blocked
  3. As you probably know, there is a crack between the walls in the corners of every tunnel area which you can zipline into, or throw in a flyer. This then gives you complete unabated access to the huge cavernous space around the tunnel walls on both sides of the tunnel. There are 2 of these cracks per tunnel, so around 16 tribes can be living inside of these holes. These are very clearly not 'ratholes' in the traditional sense. They are fully buildable, with capped turret walls, with no option to soak or raid. Given how few cave/base spots there are on this map, it's a real disappointment to have servers taken over by people living in the mesh. They can live and raid with impunity, knowing they can teleport in-and-out of their mesh bases without any threat. This needs fixing immediately, and all bases in the mesh need wiping. Our server has gone from 3 tribes built in 'outside' areas, or in the vents around lunar, to being nearly fully decimated by tribes living in the walls. These spaces are so cavernous that they are able to place literally hundreds of cloning chambers. We have also reported countless tribes to via the ticket system, only for them to be marked as closed with the generic ticket response soon after. Clearly, we go and check the locations after, and the tribes remain; almost an implicit endorsement from the enforcement team. If this is allowed to continue, official servers will become a joke.
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