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  1. dARKspace Solo & Duo Tribe Cluster ️dARKspace Cluster ️ dARKspace is a long-term solo and 2-player tribe cluster with the aim of never wiping. ORP is on 24/7 on Center, Aberration, and Extinction, with a 15-minute timer to prevent trolling. We will host a purge day once a month or so. The community will vote on and decide which day. Ragnarok is be a 24/7 server with no ORP. Structure decay is set to 15 days and dino claim is set to 7 days, to keep the cluster tidy. We are looking to expand, and have a Patreon set up for special rewards in-game and special upcoming events: https://www.patreon.com/motherofwyverns ———————— Max Player Level 105. Weight & Orxygen Boosted. Food & Water Drain Reduced. Increased swim speed based on oxygen level. Auto-Engram Unlock (Including Tek). Stack Mod Enabled. Fuel consumption lowered. Crafting costs reduced. Brontos removed. Individual item harvest multipliers to reduce lag. Max Dino Level 360. Boosted taming/hatching/egg laying. 100% imprinting possible on most dinos. Fly Speed 152% Cave Flyers Enabled. Flyers allowed on Aberration. ———————— Search: “dARKspace” on Unofficial PC Servers. X-BOX Nitrado-Hosted & Cross-Play Enabled. Discord 🗯https://discord.gg/nHGEvNU Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/groups/2307516789272726 ———————— Admin Logging Enabled TWO ADMINS ONE OWNER MAPS CLUSTERED: Ragnarok (10-Slot) 🏞Center (10-Slot) 🏙Extinction (10-Slot) Aberration (10-Slot) ———————— CUSTOM DROPS: RAGNAROK & CENTER WHITE ️ Advanced Tools (up to apprentice) Flak Armor (up to apprentice) Large Saddles (up to apprentice) WHITE RINGS️ Advanced Tools (up to ascendant) Flak Armor (journeyman to ascendant) Large Saddles (journeyman to ascendant) GREEN Dino Consumables Player Consumables GREEN RINGS Medium Saddles (up to perfect) Desert Cloth Clothing (up to perfect) Simple Firearms (up to ascendant) BLUE Ghille Suit (ramshackle to mastercraft) Small Saddles (ramshackle to mastercraft) BLUE RINGS Fur Clothing (journeyman to ascendant) Riot Armor (journeyman to ascendant) PURPLE Scuba Gear (up to journeyman) Corrupted Skins PURPLE RINGS Hazard Suit (journeyman to ascendant) Platform Saddles (journeyman to ascendant) YELLOW Stone Housing Simple Ammo YELLOW RINGS Advanced Furniture Advanced Ammo RED Advanced Firearms (epic to perfect) Metal Housing RED RINGS Element Shards Tek Armor Tek Housing ALPHA TRIBUTE ITEMS & ARTIFACTS IN BEAVER DAMS ASCENDANT TO PERFECT SADDLE BLUEPRINTS IN LOOT CRATES ————————
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    Moonshadow Tribe.
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