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  1. all my rexs' are unleveled. just been waiting for pro tip on what to spend the stat on for alpha fights. I have enough rexs to battle. I have shotguns. I want no loot. i want to be in high tier access of the cloner. People that are running the fight are probably too busy with that to check the forums forreal. and if i could i wouldnt let just anybody into my group so i kinda get it. but if you were feelin like meeting a new player character and running a boss with said character. i can be a card
  2. varying from 17k hp 600 melee at hatch to 20k hp 648 melee at hatch.
  3. oh thank you for pointing out i missed viable information i do appreciate that.XBOX ONE is what i play on.
  4. this is an old post. i beat the fight. thank you everyone for the advice and the help. i just dont know how to work the forums yet so i can delete this lol
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