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  1. 3 Different Chats In Game **Tribe Chat**, Alliance Chat, & Global Chat There should be 3 different chats for in game chat!! (NEW) Tribe Chat- ONLY your TRIBE can see what you are saying (Already Exists) Alliance Chat- ONLY your ALLIANCE can see what you are saying (already Exists) Global Chat- EVERYONE can see what you are saying It creates lots of clutter and annoyance when an alliance tribe is talking all day in chat but other tribes have to sift through it to talk to their own tribe or other tribes in alliance. Let tribes actually talk in a TRIBE ONLY chat!
  2. Allow Server Transfers for Titanosaurus Too! Since regular titans can be transferred and uploaded/downloaded, then the Titanosaurus has become unused and titans are OP as it is so why not allow Titanosaurus to be able to do the same as Titans??? If you have to nerf them as well so be it, better than them not being used at all like half the dinos in ark now. Or make it so Titans cant transfer at all, any of them.
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