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  1. well this thread is about constant crashing "on xbox". the issue is specific to xbox, PC and PS4 may have their lag issues, but this thread is specifically for the xbox crashing to dashboard which happens constantly on rag, my xbox 1s "Crashed" to dashboard roughly every 3-15 mins on rag. this is not specific to online, its specific to the xbox 1 and 1s consoles, its the worst on rag but scorched earth and ab also have the crashing, or dashboarding issue, but not nearly as bad. buying an xbox 1x fixed the issue for me.
  2. I think you need to go back thru the 25 pages of posts. ALOT of them are from people playing single player. and its not just Rag, Rag is just the worst map. on the 1s I experienced the same thing on scorched earth in places and on aberration in places. I got tired of it and got the 1x, game still has problems, but its no so bad now. I've gone from dashboarding 3-4 times an hour, to dashboarding 3-4 times every 4 months. based off posts, talking to people on a few rag servers, the 1s experiences the dashboarding problem the worst. the xbox 1 next, but not nearly as bad, and the xbox 1x rarely ever
  3. one thing I've noticed since the update is I'm freezing alot more on rag, and even on ab some. not crashing to dashboard like before I got the xbox 1x. the game just freezes, I've waited for about 10 mins once to see if it would work itself out, but the only way to stop it looks to be forcing the game to close, and booting it back up. not nearly as annoying as the dashboarding was on the 1s though.
  4. any idea if this might extend to aberration? havent had an issue since I've switched to xbox 1x but I've been seeing alot of people on the ab crossplay server I play on complaining about the crashes and the xbox people rarely stay to play there. I know even with the 1x I lag alot, but the only crashes I've faced were few and they didnt feel like the problem I had on the 1s. on the 1s I wouldn't call it a crash or a disconnect, the game just closed instantly, I started calling it being dashboarded. the crashes I get now the sound and the game freeze for a second or two before it closes. looking and feeling like a real crash.
  5. well I've had my xbox one x for a few weeks now, I've had 3 crashes to dashboard in that time. once when I tried to quit to menu and twice when I was sitting afk. not once has it crashed so far while I was actively playing.
  6. the only way for YOU to fix it, is to buy an xbox 1x. else you will have to wait for wildcard to fix it. its not an issue with the download or the install or your profile, there is a problem between the software and the hardware of the 1 and 1s(from what I seen 1s was effected by it worst). you could also try moving to a different area of the map. it happens everywhere, but its most concentrated in certain areas, like blue orb / vikings bay on rag. they found the issue near vikings bay and are working to fix it. hopefully that fix will fix it everywhere. vikings bay and everywhere near the blue orb in rag has the worst concentration of crashes, but the crashes on scorched earth ALWAYS cost me my dino. atleast on rag my dinos were fairly safe when I crash. now some got lost and took a while to find. like I was fighting a trike on my sabertooth and crashed as the trike hit us. when I came back my cat was gone. looked everywhere for an hour and couldnt find it. no notice of it dying. the next day I found it on the side of a mountain a good distance from where I crashed. apparently it bugged out that when I crashed the cat moved in a straight line in the path the trike had pushed it untill it hit sometime to stop it. also ark on my xbox 1 x crashed for the first time this morning, after close to 30 hours in the game. I was closing up to go to work and hit exit to main menu and the game crashed. good time for it to choose to crash lol.
  7. to me there are 2 things happening. there is the stutter and freezing and crashing to dashboard, these all happened in the same areas and more rarely all over the map. this seamed to be caused by the same problems. one of the WC people said they traced it to a memory problem. then there is what I call lag, which is where you dont stop, but the game does, and when the game stops lagging you rubberband back to where you were when the lag started. sometimes its a second or less, sometimes its 10 seconds, sometimes its a few mins followed by a server crash. that is the server lag, I still get that just as much with the xbox 1x. my base in rag is jut up the hill from the blue ob, I would get the freezing and stuttering ALOT, and real bad anytime I flew near vikings bay or to the penguin pond or south west of the penguins pond, this arc is where I would crash most of the time, but I still crashed and stuttered other places on the map, just not as frequently. I mean I was so used to this happening it felt weird to play with out it happening for the first few hours. it still stutters for half a second, but only in the areas where it would be freezing for multiple seconds or crashing on the 1s. its gone from something that happened to me every few mins, and sometimes multiple times in a row, to something that happens for half a second as I'm flying. so short it doesn't even mess up my turns or landing.
  8. between the 5 hours I had yesterday, and the time I got in last night and this morning I'm pushing close to 15 hours with out a crash on the xbox 1x (though it did freeze once during the server opening up and I had to force the game to shut down and try again). the game stutters and freezes alot less too. in the areas I would normally crash or freeze for a few seconds on the 1s I now get a slight stutter. game looks alot better too, though the broken stuff is a bit annoying. smash a rock with my doed and I'm covered in rock fragments that are way bigger then me on the doed that block my view. on my server where there is a line to get in starting not long after I get home from work, not getting booted every 20 mins is great. I now spend more time playing the game then watching the game try to log into the server.
  9. I was crashing to dashboard all over the map. mostly flying in and out of the blue area, I mostly flew east so I would crash over viking bay, but I crashed alot flying south too, and in my base right up the hill from blue. I bought an xbox 1 x yesterday, no more crashing. alot less stuttering but still some, though when it stutters seams to be the same places I would either lag for a few seconds or crash before. game looks better in general too. one issue I'm seeing now that I never saw before. the chat window stops working. nothing I say shows up nothing anyone else says shows up. it was that way for over an hour last night because I didnt feel like closing the game to fix it. but yea I got about 5 hours into the game now and not a single crash, where I would have had atleast 8 in that time with the 1s.
  10. no updates as of yet? are any of the people experiencing the crashes playing on the xbox 1 x? I seam to crash the most out of my friends and I'm the only one with a 1s. the friends with the xbox 1 original crash, but not as often, 2 friends I have with the xbox 1 x that play on my same server claim to never have crashed. anyone with these dash-boarding issues using a 1x? its pissing me off so much I may pick p a 1x, I havent had my xbox 1s too long, wouldn't take that long to redownload the game. on my 1s this isnt just a problem with ark, every game I have played crashes to the dashboard every hour or less. its just with ark, its every 15-30 mins and a crash ends up killing me, losing my equipment sometimes, and the worst, sometimes losing my dino that I spent hours taming and training.
  11. I play on a official rag server. anytime flying away from or into the blue orb area. flying south from blue orb I crash alot just west of the penguin pond. to the east it tends to be when flying over viking bay. if I fly south east its the rocks with obsidian on them on blue side of viking bay. it seams to be roughly be a circle around the blue ob. I crashed a ton around those rocks when flying a wyvern. first carrying the anky to get obsidian from the rocks. then twice on another wyvern trying to find where the first went. then again when goign back to try again for the obsidian. I have and xbox 1 s. my friend with an xbox 1 crashes, but not nearly as much as I do. the guy with the 1x rarely crashes.
  12. happens to me all the time on the official rag server I play on. the other morning between 5 and 6:30 am I crashed to the home menu 5 times. there are times when I crash I load in to crash to load in to crash. I spend almost all my time near blue ob. when I go on long trips to buy something, I almost always crash while flying and die atleast once trying to get out of the area around blue ob. happens alot flying into or out of viking bay, happens alot flying south from blue west of the penguin pond. there is a LARGE amount of the west beach near blue claimed by a tribe that I know has atleast the crab dinos spawned in. but for the 20-30 mins I spend flying around outside of the general area on the trip, it doesn't seam to crash. I've thought about trying to find some land outside the blue area to claim and start a bigger base, but the server is so crowded its hard to find anything bigger then a few foundations that isn't pillared. and if you do, the people you start building near will pillar you in so you cant expand.
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