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  1. Cool what's your psn or do you want me to pm you his He also has some special skins he's willing to pass on and I'll help do it as requires a lot of suicides to get a load to share ^^ Also do you use a voice chat of any kind
  2. Althire

    Server transfer. Help

    Ok thanks for the help anyway
  3. Hi all, I am hopping their is someone out there in ark land that can help. My problem is my son create an non-dedicated/single player ark on my psn account, so when ever he wants to play ark I can't play my games as he wants to use my account for ark. So my question is, is there a way for me to transfer the non-dedicated/single player server to another psn? Hope this question makes sense I have search high and low for an answer to this stopped by here as an last resort. Thanks in advance for any help. Althire