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    Hello, I sent in a ticket about nearly a week ago regarding some issues I was having with Ark: Aberration, and I haven't had any feedback or contact since I last put the ticket in on Friday. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing anything similar, or what your guys' suggestions would be, or maybe if it's even a technical issue on the Support Team's end and that's why they haven't said anything. My ticket regarded tribe merging, and I lost all of my dinosaurs and tames. Granted, I probably should have known to specifically tribe merge, but no one else is in my old tribe so there's no way to unlock my old base or get my dinosaurs back, and I lost a lot of time and effort and followed the troubleshooting guide regarding the tribe merge issue in the support section. Ultimately it's been a very frustrating week because of the lack of support and lack of help which has pushed me away from official servers at the moment, and I'm not really that likely to return to the server that I played on, and I was wondering if anyone else has had a bad experience with ticket wait times, or if this is normal. This is my first ticket, and my first forum post so I hope I posted in the right area. If anyone can redirect me to a better spot on the forum that would be awesome. I don't want to sound like I'm emotion dumping on the forums, I'm just wondering if this is normal, but it has been 5 day's since I've submitted my ticket and just want some answers at the very least.