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  1. Maverick031079

    Tlc 3?

    hi guys! I agree with the giganotosauro, too big compared to the other Dino, actually it was just longer but not bigger than a Rex, and less powerful. I would take a less powerful bite but make it more agile and fast, as it was in reality. I would consider the megalondon because it was bigger than the mosasaur and I would reduce the mosaic, too big in comparison. too exaggerated and too far from reality. exaggerated. I would take the game to a level of accuracy Of the sizes and forces of the dinosaurs, almost close to probable reality, doing so would be the first most reliable and truthful game. resizing Dino is important
  2. Maverick031079

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    hi to all, I think that in addition to an intervention of graphics, movement etc ..., I would try to address the issue of adaptation to the size of the dinosaurs. Even if they are not etymologically existent dinosaurs, I would still do something similar to the truth. It is not possible to have huge giganotosauro compared to tyrannosaurus and spinosaur. the triceratops that in comparison looks like a mouse, is exaggerated. We reduce everything and make it proportional. on the other hand is not a survival simulator? and then let's make it as truthful as possible, no? regards
  3. Maverick031079

    The Xbox One fallen

    Hallo giusto, i ve a problem. Very sstrange bug in ark, Ragnarok map, a few minutes of play in the Ragnarok map and the guoco closes bringing you back to the home. to you too? Thank