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  1. I find that walking backwards helps with killing all flyers, it forces them to keep straightening their angle of attacking, giving you a predictable hit opportunity
  2. This is your oxygen bar, pretty sure the Barry gives you increased oxygen but you are using it’s oxygen so it can run out of you do? It’s weird but just don’t drown and you should be fine!
  3. In single player you can spawn the artifacts in using the console (press tab) and type the corresponding cheat gfi code. Here is a list of all of the artifacts, you’ll have to find out which one you are missing and find it in the list. If you click on the artifact in the list it has the whole spawn code that you just need to copy, paste into the console and hit enter. Hope this helps! https://arkids.net/items/types/artifact
  4. Switch was announced no longer supported by co owner on twitter. MFer's could've at least turned down the textures or animations to optimize for framerate. If you walk away now it'll hurt less. I'll keep saying this, it should be a $10 game.
  5. I agree with you entirely. I too have tried many of their products. The lack of communication, support, and respect for the products has gotten me very reluctant to advise anyone purchase anything that these companies are involved in, unless it is at an extreme discount that is more reflective of the actual value of the products. This should be a $10 game that clearly states it is unsupported.
  6. It is apparent that this will go unsupported, like everything WC does.
  7. Switch forum dude, but mobile has more support than switch because of P2P structure sadly....
  8. This game had one minor patch since it has been out that I didn't fix my crashes, load times or login failures. I still go on to feed my dinos because I put about 200 hours in and got some boss tames on official, but I have given up hope that WC will support this game at all beyond perhaps a post or two trying to convince people that they are. People laugh at me when I play ARK on the switch instead of literally any other game, and I don't blame them. Gonna go play Atlas now, good luck all.
  9. Thank you guys very much for all that you do. Quality follow up and implementation. A+ ! I haven't had a client lock up in my 12 hours since
  10. All the other consoles have their own patch thread, and now that we finally have a patch, we need one too!
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