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  1. Possible bugs? Game bugs and Ark.. what's new, huh? Jokes aside. Took out a freshly imprinted tuso, killed a few alpha megalodons and no loot of any kind, not even the fin. Secondly, imprint wasn't showing on one of my basilos, no imprinting bar under the stats and no imprinting bonus icon. Shows up on my other dinos, just not that basilo. Croyed said basilo, chucked her out and still no change. Anyone else experience these bugs? I'm on a PS4 unofficial server.
  2. A hatchery ( possibly ran of tek generator or element and have it as tek teir, maybe ) .. just something to pick up the eggs, tad annoying when you're mass breeding and rushing around to collect the eggs before they hatch ( boosted server ) Or the oviraptor. Since the oviraptor tames with eggs but eats meat when tamed, it'll eat the eggs collected if there's no meat/kibble available. Speaking of pick ups, dung beetles should automatically pick up poop... And maybe something for gatcha crystals and for achatina paste.
  3. Long story short. Been out of the Ark action for a hot minute, stopped playing several months after Aberration dropped. So, best spot for a starter base in Extinction, near water and metal etc. Thanks in advance peeps.
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