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  1. Thank you for keeping us informed! It really makes a big difference to know you're working to fix it! =)
  2. If it would be of any assistance, I have a dedicated Win10 crossplay server hosted on a private enterprise platform (not some home-made PC kit) and connected via carrier-class Internet transport... and all of our tribe would be happy to assist in getting this resolved. All XBox players suffer the DC issue, while NONE of the Win10 crossplayers ever have it happen. Happy to see someone looking into this.
  3. I check this thread every few days hoping to see a response from a developer. This morning it occurred to me that maybe the reason for the silence is for legal protection. What if they really can't figure out how to fix the XBox version? If they publicly admit something like "we just can't fix it", would it open them up to litigation? WC team... blink twice if you can't fix the game, but aren't allowed to admit it!??
  4. 100% agreed. It would appear the Wildcard XBox development team is in over their heads and lack the expertise to fix the problems plaguing the XBox release. Either that or they just really don't care enough to make it a priority. Regardless of which is the underlying reason, I believe the window for them to repair/rescue the game and their reputation is closing quickly and doubt we'll see these problems fixed before most of the player base has given up on them and moved on to the next thing. The future will likely remember Wildcard as a one-hit-wonder studio that couldn't balance their priorities. While this is what I believe, it makes me sad because ARK is such an amazing game at it's core, and has the potential to be something truly epic. I desperate want to see it fixed, but at this point suspect I'm like the pathetic partner in a dysfunctional relationship that won't give up because I can still see the potential good in the other person, even though they repeatedly let me down.
  5. Might be worth adding that our group has 2 players using PC/Win10 crossplay and about 6 XBox/s (no X) players all on a private server. The PC players never DC, but the XBox players regularly get screwed by it.
  6. This post was 48 hours ago, and still nothing that I can find that looks like WC has acknowledged the issue at all. Lots of noise about the TLC pass (which we appreciate, don't get me wrong) but the silence regarding this bug is maddening. It's like we're in some kind of dysfunctional relationship with WC. Grrr!!!
  7. Haven't tested it since 770 update, but on 769 you had to go to the ESC menu and DISABLE the game controller and use the keyboard and mouse for fishing. I reported it, I'm sure it will be fixed any minute now. HAHAHA!!!
  8. If you haven't already, set your LOD to high, and your textures and view distance to medium, and your shadows to low. It doesn't look as nice, but it has massively reduced the frequency of texture issues for me. It still happens once in a while, but not very often. Still needs to be fixed dangit.
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