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  1. Laxionne

    Aberration Drops SUCK!

    we have got some ascendant blueprints (official server) but not hazard at most only a journeyman hazard blueprint but with rings on loot beacon they have a chance to give ascendant hazard but not blue prints.. for some reason the cave in our server no longer give loot drops (which used to be very high quality) so we dont have any option but to go surface for loot
  2. Laxionne


    We Can Even Transfer Dino From Aberation To Center So we can mate them in Center For babys but we cant transfer Dino from center to Aberation For example : You Transfer Bulb-dog to Center and mate anytime u can Transfer back to Aberation...
  3. Laxionne

    Cross server pregnancy

    Hello... Nope im curious too!! How to we get pregnant? How the pregnant stage works? How long would the baby grow up ?
  4. Laxionne

    Reaper King

    where can we actually find Reaper Queen ? and how do we get the baby ? Do They Eat Meat?
  5. Laxionne

    Hyaenodon taming is ridiculous

    U can try 1x1 fence foundation n a bear trap once its trap wall up?