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  1. Thank you for continued disappointment

    Theres always singleplayer lol but no i get where your coming from its unsavory knowing that someone has that kind of power but can also be a relief when someone can save your glitched dinos on a whim
  2. Thank you for continued disappointment

    From what ive seen most people play official because its the easiest way to be connected to a large multitude of people especially on consoles where unofficals are limited but have to agree unofficial is my preferred play experience
  3. Xbox One Rag Map Update

    Well a different team works on ragnarok its a mod map that got integrated into the core game. Similar to how the center was. That being said I remember reading somewhere that it was supposed to be finished towards the end of this month but not sure
  4. Weapon Balance Vs Dinos

    I personally would like to see all tamed dino levels toned back down a bit but wilds being dangerous is part of the game. That being said you get a decent tamed creature then basically conquer the survival part of the game exceptions of bosses and wild titans and gigas
  5. 3rd dlc guesses

    Maybe dodorex and dodowyvern would be bosses with arenas? Or just random occurrences in the world. O god dodorex and dodowyvern double boss fight lol
  6. 3rd dlc guesses

    With a freezing mechanic similar to heat stroke and possibly increased spoil timers since ur living in a refrigerator lol
  7. How difficult is hard broodmother

    Would appreciate that. And guys im on my own dedicated so only trade available is the one i create for myself and the guys lol not using admin commands seeing as how that takes the accomplishment out of it
  8. How difficult is hard broodmother

    Was really hoping to use theris over rexes just not a fan of the clunkiness of rexes
  9. How difficult is hard broodmother

    Guess i will try swamp cave. Seems like the easier option
  10. How difficult is hard broodmother

    My phone has a mind of its own and likes to put what it thinks i want to say. Also should note i host the dedicated from my other box so in order to transfer i would have to make sure everyone is on board with doing so
  11. How difficult is hard broodmother

    No but desert kind of escaped my vocabulary for a moment lol
  12. How difficult is hard broodmother

    Well im on xbox its a little trickier to pack up to another map without my own cluster but if i decide to do so what desert drops like the ones out in the deadlands?
  13. How difficult is hard broodmother

    Thank you and everyone else who has provided information. Same place for yuty saddles?
  14. How difficult is hard broodmother

    Ive got a good yuty but no piggies yet and also where can i get theri saddle bp? Have checked countless drops even deep sea loots and have yet to even come across one
  15. How difficult is hard broodmother

    O.. ouch.. i was going to try theris with base hp 7k and bout 350 melee lol guess its back to the wilds to find higher