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  1. can we ticket this for lost items? as this is 1st time ive ever had a major bug a d lost stuff through it
  2. same here n all i was doing was rendering oil dericks for decay and i flew back close to wyvern cove with lots of blueprints wyv and giga in cryo on my body ,kept getting bluescreen so i went bed, woke this morn to find i had been killed by a beaver so obviously lost all my stuff but saw the wyvern i was on must be still be alive as it wasnt on logs so i proceed to go get it with argy and soon as im close blue screen loop again, can we ticket this for lost items? as this is 1st time ive ever had a major bug a d lost stuff through it
  3. i want to know the visual limit in stats if u know it pls?
  4. wot is the light capped at?
  5. wel as i said i have bulbdog at 2100 emmision range and fether light at 1100 emmision range and if i put them nxt to each other the light range is the same even though bulbdog has 1k more range in stats
  6. info on light pets needed so ive got a bulbdog at 2100 emmision range and a feather light at 1100 yet both have the same range so im just wondering what does the light range get capped at? same for capacity n regen if anyone knows?
  7. same as turkey trials cant login or see half a base and naked char , had babys popping out and raising , how can the new update not be tested ,this is a joke 2 patches and same crap
  8. login issue turkey trials seen as thousands of ppl have missed 4 days of turkey trials due to login problems made by actually wildcard doing a bad patch n then taking 4 days to fix is the event going to be extended seen as weve missed out litteraly on 4 days or do wc just not care about its customers and there experience with events?
  9. or maybe wc get of there ass and fix there game, remeber where on an event and for past 4 days thousands of ppl cant login so another event messed up cos wc patch things halfway through , its called wait till after event but no wc wants to do it there way ,well when they loose more custom they can always make a new map to get more money if ppl are still around n give a crap, wc ruining there own game so sad
  10. we dont want an update every 5mins we want wc to actually answer n say theres a problem n give ppl a time frame of when it might be fixed instead of being silent and not giving a damn about the players , 3 days and nothing ,your the 1st mod to reply so we should think ourselves lucky? , the pc got updated with a bad patch so they fixed it before thanks giving holiday and yet they still patched the console version knowing full well it was bad and then went on holiday , no word or nothing till this post do u think thats acceptable when theres thousands of ppl loosing there stuff cos they cant login, wc answer use ticket system that system thats overwhlmed cos of all crap ppl ticket cos of all crap wc put out in middle of events or bugs that they never fix , there would be no need for a ticket system if things worked properly so as i said wc knew full well the patch was bad before they released it on console so why release n then go on holiday ? why ignore the full community? saying something is better than nothing dont u agree? , lets see how long a reply is or if this gets moved or deleted also while were at it ppl have lost 3 days of event anything going to be done about that or is every1 going get get arked as usual? should be extended by minimum of 4 to 5 days if its fixed in less than 4 or 5 and putting x4 instead of x2 u know as compensation for all crap we have to put up with , wc messed up big time i think u owe a lot of ppl dont u?
  11. what gets me is they know its broken as pc was broken and now thats fixed so console ppl are waiting for the fix but i tried to put ticket in as a server issue its just bad that its been like this for 2 days and im going to loose oil dericks and maybe all electrics as i cant login to rag to render everything
  12. ticket system broken too i have just submitted ticket about these server connection issues and soon as i submit the ticket is solved instantly , how can that be if they aint replied or even had time to look at it, DILO is wrong with wc services its appauling how bad this is
  13. Server time out issue when is wildcard going to acknowledge theres a problem with console version logging in and instantly kicking out ,or seeing half a base , its been going on for over 12 hours now and ppl are using work arounds which they shouldnt have too, but when your like me and solo cant get on to fix anything, also why release a broken patch and not even test it are u trying to kill ark your main game for income ?
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