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    Xbox One PVE Official Tribe Dino Claim Timer

    But where does that leave the people who got kicked out of their own tribes????? Waiting and hoping no one claimed their hard work???? I understand the thought process behind this update but right now?!?!? Right after that update that kicked so many out of their tribes?? I know for certain the 3 servers I play on have atleast one tribe waiting to claim their dinos. Hoping they can some how be reunited with their hard work and dedication to this game. I'm sorry but this is Horrible timing and I find it odd. Two of those tribes I spoke of have tickets out for this problem and I'm willing to bet they are not the only ones with tickets for this issue. They also haven't received any contact about this issue. Is this arks way of "solving" those tickets?? So basiclly everyone that got kicked out of their tribe and lost their charectors now have no hope to get their dinos back? This all could have been avoided if the update before wasn't faulty. This is complete crap.
  2. TayLovesDinos

    *Official Server Crash And Rollback Counter!*

    I've been rolled back on my server 18 times total but for some reason my babies dinos are starving even though technically no progress has been made in game.