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  1. Can't craft with replicator My tek replicator is kinda bugged out. Says that it has 280/600 slots while it is completely full of items. Typically there are folders with all the available engrams that I can craft with but right now the folders are completely absent and I am unable to use it to craft anything that isn't a blueprint. Does anyone else have this same issue? If so, were you able to fix it and how did you fix it?
  2. All 3 of my halloween emotes are gone as well. Oddly enough I now have the turkey emote which disappeared from my radial menu after either last year or the year before thanksgiving event. I doubt I'll have enough time to farm enough bones to get the emotes back. #ARK'dAgain!
  3. Can't patch the game For some reason my Ark patch is just not updating, it got to about 4 bars on the steam updater and has stopped for like 2 hours now. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?
  4. It shouldn't take long. Just post a reasonable response in threads that cannot be interpreted as an attempt to boost your post count. If you see someone ask a question and you know the answer, then answer it to the best of your ability.
  5. Agreed. I have used google translate to communicate with many people and even made friends with them but it is extremely clunky to have a conversation. We've all expressed a desire for the game to have a way to recognize the language you wish to see chat in and a way to detect other languages and translate them for you. I so wish this could happen.
  6. Okay so I ventured down to the radiation zone today and something is definitely screwy with the dino spawns. I am seeing raptors, roll rats, parasaurs and stegos and stuff down there. No crabs, seekers, glowtails, etc. things that I was normally seeing when I would wander down there before.
  7. Valguero aberrant zone bugged? Is anyone else experiencing a lack of dinos spawning in the aberrant zone on Valguero? I heard a few people on my server saying that there were no dinos spawning in the entrance zone. Someone had lured a giga down there the day before so I thought maybe the giga was eating all the spawns. However, the giga was lured back out and drowned in the lake so that wasn't the reason. I fast traveled to my crab trap, lured a 145 crab, KO'd it and tamed it up. Killed off all the other low level ones and fast traveled back to my surface base. I went back down there today to look for another high level crab and I am running through the whole zone and there are practically no dinos and I mean none other than an odd one here and there. I am seeing no glowbugs, no bulbdogs, no crabs, no spinos, no ravagers, no roll rats, no bears, etc. etc. etc. I did see 2 aberrant sarcos, 3 angler fish, a diplocaulus and a tek raptor in about 20 minutes of running around the whole zone on my dire bear. A couple of the people said they noticed the dinos were not spawning since the patch that came after the announcement for genesis. If it's any help I am playing on Legacy-PVE-NA-Valguero932
  8. Yes, they are tamable. If you are playing on official servers they are not able to be downloaded to another server though. We lost 2 golems because we uploaded them in the obelisk but were unable to download them on our island map and transfers into Valguero are not enabled so they just disappeared after 24 hours. I am not sure if unofficial servers experience the same thing.
  9. If you use a Theri and attack with the C bite it will harvest only scrap metal and if you level delicate harvesting it will gather more than if you leveled power harvesting. As for gathering element dust I haven't figured out whether pick or axe is best.
  10. As high of a level as possible. Seems to me that your settings are on very low dino difficulty so it may be challenging to find high level parents. Official server dinos can spawn at lvl 150 and the non story mode maps have a minimum dino level of 15. If you are playing on singleplayer you can increase the difficulty and perform a destroywilddinos command to refresh all the dinos on the map.
  11. Increasing the stats of the parents will not affect the stats of the offspring. The only stats that can be carried over to the baby are the stat of the parent on tame, i.e. if the mother has 2 points in health and the baby gets the health from mother then it will have 2 points in health even if you dumped 30 levels into the mother after taming and leveling. Barring mutations to health but that is another story. You should try to find higher level parents or if you are unable to, get a daeodon and trigger it to heal when the baby is born so that it may give you enough time to throw 4 berries in it's inventory.
  12. I stand corrected on dimorphodon. They get 1% speed increase per level as do the other shoulder pet flyers. I use the wiki because I am unaware of an official source that not just any Bob can enter info on. If there is an official source for the same information then please share because I do not mind having more resources to find the correct information I am looking for. This post refers specifically to pteranodon and deinonychus which I have experience with breeding. I have never bred dimorphs and did not know they could have move speed applied to them. Thanks for enlightening me to that. I do not believe that I am incorrect in regards to the ptera as none of the ones I have bred have more than 135% speed nor can I add points to it.
  13. Please link a screenshot of a pteranodon with higher than 135% movement speed on official server. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Pteranodon Look at the basic stat section of the pteranodon page and note the difference between wild and domesticated. Basic Stats Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult Health 210 +42 +3% 0.07 (TBHM: 90%6) Stamina 150 +7.5 +4% Oxygen 150 +15 +10% Food 1200 +120 +10% 15% Weight 120 +2.4 +3% Melee Damage 18 / 502 +0.9 / +2.5 +1.275% 9.1% 17.6% Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +0% 35% Torpidity 120 +7.2 N/A4 0.5 1Percentages are based on the value of the stat the moment the creature was tamed (after taming effectiveness) 2The absolute Base Damage is shown here instead of the percentage. 3Wild creatures do not level up movement speed 4Torpidity increases every level on wild creatures, but can not be increased once they are tamed. 6The TamedBaseHealthMultiplier (TBHM) is applied right after taming, before the additive bonus is applied) Wild and tamed ptera cannot even have stats applied to movement speed. They get KO and it will show 100% but after you tame them it will add 35% for 135% move speed. Every baby will hatch with 135% move speed as well. Yes you are correct.
  14. I'll preface my reply by stating I am no expert in breeding but I have been breeding plenty and have researched much so I am not unlearned on the subject. Baby dinos can inherit the stats of the parents. They can gain mutations to a stat which will increase the stat level by 2 points and assign a color to 1 of 6 regions(not all dinos have 6 color regions and a color mutation may not be seen because it was assigned to a region that doesn't exist). Imprinting bonuses appear on the base stats of the dino, raising the health, food, weight, melee damage and movement speed(non flying dinos only) but the damage bonus and damage reduction is not applied to the dino unless the rider is mounted(indicated by an icon in top right of two fists bumping each other), this value is not shown but if you press H it will show text over the fist bump icon stating how much bonus is applied capping at 30% for 100% imprinted dino. Long story short your assumptions are wrong. The base stats are increasing with each imprint and most of the time the melee increase will not appear after a successful imprint until you leave render distance of the dino and return. Here is also something you may encounter if you breed quite a lot. Sometimes the melee damage will increase without gaining a mutation(i.e. Both rex parents have 381% melee damage but baby has 384% melee and 0 mutations). The game is taking the value from a tamed dino and when the egg hatches it rounds up giving you a higher melee damage than was present on either of the parents. You can test the stat increases yourself by adding folders in the baby dinos inventory as soon as it hatches and as you complete more and more imprints take note of how the stats are increasing. The only case where this is possible now is if the server you are player is using the classic flyer mod. Official servers have removed that function long ago for the sake of PvP balance.
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