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  1. 24/7 PvP Ragnarok - Fresh and in need of more players

    That would be awesome, trying to build an ark community as much as we can!
  2. Welcome to Killcam's Ark Server! Server is fresh as of Jan 3rd Some of the basic stats are..... Harvest x3 Xp x2 Taming x6.5 Mature speed x2.5 The sever is called Killcam's Ark Server, it is a 20 man Ragnarok server, runs until Feb. 2nd, 2018, depending on how popular the server gets we can always extend that time The server is password protected, the password is: password123 Some basic rules are just dont block the beaver spawns and dont block caves PvP is encouraged If you have any other questions please message the server host/admin URonKILLCAMxX99
  3. Slightly boosted Island server

    we had a few new people join, but we are still looking for more people! please consider joining
  4. add gt xxtonitoflowxx map: island tame x5 xp x2.5 gather x3 pvp is allowed