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  1. The server has been freshly wiped just few days ago waiting for players to join and dominate the server
  2. [ About Awesome Gaming Community *AGC* Welcome to the Awesome Gaming Community also known as AGC Chances are if you’re reading this that you are looking for a new/improved server to play on. As life plays this way sometimes, we are here looking for dedicated players to join our truly Awesome Gaming Community. So here we are, extending the invite to you and your friends to become a part of our community. A bit about us and who we are: We are a community, and a pretty awesome one - (if you couldn't figure that out by the name yet), that was formed by a handful of dedicated gamers who are in love with this game. We aim to create an environment for gamers that they'll enjoy and love and hopefully tell their friends and family about. Due to this particular server being PvP there are a few rules in place that must be adhered to in order to ensure our server continues to be a fun experience for all rather than just another plain old PVP server that you can join in most official sections of the game - for that reason we ask everybody to please read and understand the rules. PVP Server Rules: Since rules always need to be updated and improved please join our discord to read the most recent ones. Below rules are dated 10/25 For most updated rules, please join our Discord here: https://discord.io/AWESOMEGAMINGCOMMUNITY By entering our server, each player agrees to the following server rules. Not knowing the rules does not exclude you from the punishment. We do not accept hearsay as proof. You must submit a picture/video of the rule violation in order for us to take action. 1. General Rules Spamming, permanent post with caps lock, and advertising is forbidden Racist content is forbidden We reserve the right to ask you to change your name We speak English in chat. Please keep it that way If someone else breaks the rules this doesn’t mean you may. (2 wrongs don’t make a right) Don’t argue with any admin in game. If you disagree with something, you can come into discord and talk it out All punishments are to the discretion of the admins. If you would like to appeal your ban, use the forums to do so During AGC Server events, the entire map is considered a “Green Zone” whether you are participating or not. No raiding during ongoing events, server message will indicate once the Event has begun & ended. 2. Building Rules No Building on Obelisks, Artifact Caves, Penguin Spawns and deep sea loot Crates Max 2 Rafts per player No pillar/foundation spam. Remove taming structures after finished taming 3. PVP Rules No killing of passive dino’s. There are other ways to access their inventory (be creative) Griefing is forbidden, but we highly support PVP on this server Open PVP is always allowed, but camping other players bases 24/7 is not granted Do not put players in cages or keep them tranq’d for more than 30 mins. On raids max 1 hour There are NO Alliance. Max 6 Members per tribe Tribes are limited to 1 Main and 2 sub-bases Complete base wipes will NOT be tolerated. Get valuable loot but don’t be greedy No raiding bases over and over again. Give people a chance to rebuild (you just took all their stuff already – don’t be a bully). (Request raid protection here if needed – Rule 4) Building turret towers near enemy bases to support the raid is not allowed. We want players to have the chance to defend their base. Turret towers need to be close to your base! 4. Raid Protection Temp. Raid protection can be requested and ONLY approved by an admin. Those tribes will be listed on Discord Start time – End time as well they will have a sign posted near the base stating the same Raid protection can be requested for either new players/tribes or raided players/tribes If you are under raid protection, you can’t raid anybody either! To receive Raid protection, you may either come to our discord or ask an admin via in game chat. What we have: Active admins that don’t take sides (there are always 3 sides to a story :-)) Starter Kit is provided to each new player including some helpful items - Message Owners/Admin once you login Active Players with an ever growing community Regularly planned community events with awesome rewards throughout the week & weekends Reward Hunts (Creatures scattered throughout the world wandering around containing awesome treasures - Kill them and claim your rewards) What we don’t have: UNHAPPY PLAYER’S Boosts & Increases: x25 Tame Breeding Increased x15 Gather x5 Experience Mods: • Classic Flyers • Resource Stacks • Dino Tracker (lets you track tribe members/Nearby Wild Dino/ Tribe Dino/ Corpe) • Structure Plus • ORP2 Server Information: • Map: Crystal Isles • Server IP: • Discord: https://discord.io/AWESOMEGAMINGCOMMUNITY If you actually took the time and read all of this, why not just give us a try? Come Join AGC – Awesome Gaming Community…Because Gaming is Awesome How to manually favorite our server via Steam • Click View • Click Servers • Click Favorites Tab • Right click into blank area and choose “Add server by IP Address” • Enter the full IP * Port – • Click “Add this address to favorites” * You will now see this server in-game under your favorites tab *
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