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  1. hey mate noticed you replied to a thread saying you use becon to change your loot drops? ive downloaded it and slightly understand it. once files are saved do you just open with notepad and copy paste into the ini code on nitrado? any help would be awesome. cheers

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    2. NoGodComplex247


      similar with me but its not to hard to figure out after youve stared at the code for 10 hours lol, a lot of it is repeated stuff as well. The log file is your friend as well it will tell you most of the time if your missing things in a line like not enough )))) at the end etc

    3. jhammoz


      lol i best get to staring at code then. i got the drops working i just cant figure out how to limit whats in the drops id prefer one item in each drop atm its about 5. ill have another crack at beacon again when i get home. also trying to get my characters level to go to 150. i thought i had it done lol. got to lvl 100 then the xp bar still has xp i need to earn for lvl 101 but i cant gain xp. it just stays at the same amount lol. cheers for your help hopefully i havnt been annoying you with this.

    4. NoGodComplex247


      Its all good don't mind helping when I can. Try nipiro.de it has a level editor on it not sure how it works I haven't used it. As for only wanting 1 item you need to set min/maxitemsets to both 1 and in each item set, set min/maxnumitems both to 1 it will only choose 1 set of items and 1 item from that set 

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