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  1. hey mate noticed you replied to a thread saying you use becon to change your loot drops? ive downloaded it and slightly understand it. once files are saved do you just open with notepad and copy paste into the ini code on nitrado? any help would be awesome. cheers

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    2. jhammoz


      hmm ill have to have another look at that i thought i set min max to 1 and 1. ill try out nipiro cheers


    3. jhammoz


      hey man noticed you posted on a thread about craftable element. you managed to get it to work? i thought i had it done right but i didnt seem to work


      this is pretty much what i tried to add into my ini file. im not even sure where it could be crafted if it worked lol. can i even have 5c4 charges and 5 deathworm horns as items needed to make it? id like element to be needed to be worked for but something that can be solod.  any help would be greatly appreciated cheers man 

    4. NoGodComplex247


      Sorry for the late reply been really busy over christmas and new year that seems like it should work it will be in the replicator that you have to craft it still unless you replaced something else from the smithy or fabricator that no one crafts. You also need to make a new character and place down a new crafting station for it to take effect.

  2. https://beaconapp.cc/ i used this app to do my custom drops as stated above you need to be in expert mode and have an understanding on how to edit the .ini files
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