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  1. We are looking for new players to come join our server everyone who joins gets a free starter pack, contents is full flak set and metal tools there is a community centre on alpha rock(41.6 28.8) here you will find the shop with prices for everything along with an area setup for new players to build and get started and set up along with a raising area. The server is 3000days in game old but we do all chip in to trade and help other players there is always some one on that can help along with 5admins and the owner himself who plays regularly you are allowed to build were you like, and new players who stay could find them selves becoming admin one day, server is a 70player server with loads of room to expand, there is an arena were players that wish to do pvp can with out interruption from other players. Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon. Server stats as follows 40xTaming, 50xHatchin, 50xMaturing, 15xHarvesting, 15xExperience, 6360 Engram point at lvl 100.