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  1. Player Spawn Point Blocking

    yeah after i have enough fun because it was my 2nd time in the same house lol i ate poop n died lol
  2. Christmas Grinch

    hahaha it would be bad in pve lol it will be a first time player hunting war. “if u kill me i will send team rexie to block your base” hurts lolol but still a nice ideal in pvp haha
  3. Why is Ragnarok OP AF yo(PvE)

    well for me i feel that everymap have their pros say ragnarok is resources map se is high end bp drops center with high level dino spawn island for easy boss? not sure for island info but i feel island is good for new player to start out well ofcause ragnarok made new player happier since is a map full of resources just how i feel
  4. bets can be private but i think if players clear a pve stage arena maybe we can have prize points say 200 ingots or 500 prize are just for show. what we want is the feeling lol
  5. arena would be good prize points for skins maybe? or other things y not? but if they set it to cross over most big tribe players will start to abuse it soon for their fun
  6. Future Tech Ideas

    i would hope for new melee related items. player may wish for a play style of high melee build but ending with only a tek sword? a range from hammer to spear is doable i think? adding on i would really love to see a floating ship haha
  7. Server Caps

    hi there i know where u r at but for my tribe we keep dino not only in cave but also open area 3 feeding tho to support and well meat run is fast for us just afew min and its done we only feed it when they are almost out of food so they dont die. the green house is on 300% so corp grow fast im not sure maybe we switch from pvp to pve thats y we feel that way/ do it this way. but i hope the dev can do something after the new dlc so more newer players can play with us and enjoy together too. just say but i feel alot of tribes dont have a reason to kill their tames the reason they can give u is either ‘i love it so ima not kill it’ or ‘its gonna lay eggs’ u have over 50 rex for show room but mostly half of it were low in stats. they just keep it like showroom. if there is a reason in killing i think they would. considering rex eggs kibble is not that hard to get u only use for boss make it so killing it drops items or buff will be a reason for killing it. i saw a tribe with 50-80 pteradon like some poop show is gonna happen if u give it buff or prem 1 stats boost at random for killing it. i think they will just keep 20 and not 80. ahh sorry for the long post. im no longer a new birds so if any ideals i can think of i will post here and hope dev will see it and do something later on after dlc (they are human too so try not to push them :3 ) edit: ptre only tame turtle and imprinting thats all i really think they dont need that much lol
  8. well i like your ideal maybe they should give us some events that spawn mobs of dinos in an arena since its pve already why not? lol. or some imba turkey event to clear out some base. if pve can link to pvp everyone will suck to pve tame farm breed till dino cap just to have the best dino and items before moving to pvp and before it happens server will cap and lag starts coming lol
  9. Player Spawn Point Blocking

    hahaha i remember that i spawn in someone house i went to switch on and off everything i can find and make the generator go offline. i always do this and at one point anothet guy spawn in same as me lolol we went to switch on n off everything and joke about it -iknow im a jerk but we have nothing to do other than eatting poop and die everytime we spawn in others house
  10. Dino Aging!

    i have to agree that uncapping it will be hard but if selling cheaply means payment first if it dies in days then he cant do much about it only to feel just got scam. and really i would op out this option because i love my frist griffon n wyvern. i m those type of i will just have 1 and thats all i dont wish to milk run because i m a crafter in my tribe with 200 weight 900 craft the rest are flat still can milk run but dying would be on a high chance. well i hope the dev will some how look at my post and see if they can do something with my suggestions. i have gave out ways to make it uncap i cant say mine is a good ideal but they can change how ever they like with the ideal i suggested i hope to see more new players enjoying this game n hope wc can use some of my ideals to make more funds to bring up more servers or whatsoever so more players can enjoy the game
  11. Dino Aging!

    well aging dino will kill off new players. say u r new player and a friend of yours gave u his wyvern or griffon... it dies in 10 days lol joke aside i really wanna keep my frist wyvern n griffon. i dont really wanna milk run every month or two/3 it will kill off new player before they even get to have real fun cause tbh they dont know much if they are pve solo players if a pro gamer yes u learn fast in a month or two. what about the rest? it will kill off more newer players. we are fine because we know what we are doing already but not those really new players who are working only play at night times etc. i posted on another post almost same as this one on server cap post. im nt sure will it work out but i hope it helps the devs lessen their burden i really love this game and i feel players should help them out too and not just say ‘oh hell server cap do something’ i think they already know its gonna cap lol(just giving ideals might help i hope) (left with 1 post for the day)(early birds hells) lol let me just add on sorry cant post soon on limit. it would be good of they can make a machine to upload dino to keep there with a slot limit on another server machine to auto collect eggs with a limit too like cloud server or something and we can collect the eggs we wanted. i think it might free up space along with those ideals of giving us a reason to kill off our own dino i think new players can enjoy the game more as tame caps might not hit mid players can upload tames to collect kibble for imprints n tame overtime high player can secrifice dino for other reason which i posted (either this post or another one) making a monthly skins can make them having more incomes as most ppl would buy if they are low in price they have funds to do other things
  12. Server Caps

    well in regarding of cap issue i think its mainly on pve server. if u need extra funds for server y not just make a montly skins where players can buy within 30days? im sure many players will be paying for new skins as they look nice lol ( im one of them) [just skins no buff or whatsoever] u can ask players the sub in the skins so u dont have to find more men to do the work and give us price or something if ours got into the game im sure some players here are designers too. that way u get funds for new server n maintenance which might solve the lag issue or cap (not sure just saying) if u r reworking kibble to make it like rex meat or something then its a problem since u have to delet the egg code n rewrite everything again. if it happens players will mass breed more in other server till it caps to stock up dino. old aging it n they will breed more eggs to stock up for replacement. making it lay lesser eggs till they dont have any left and player will double the farms which above all are all pointless. just make us have a reason or motive to kill a dino. like u kill ovis just so u can get mutton with chainsaw. y not let a dino eats his kind to gain buff for more eggs drop for afew hours? (or double the eggs which will lay out [i will kill 1/4 of my allo if i found a 150 griffon on x2]) or a rex eatting another rex to have its stats buff for boss. mayb rex eatting rex can gain 1-2 random stats point?(if u can add it yourself its too op) that way most of the big tame tribe farm will start killing dino by themself. mayb if u add in buff for players if we sacrifice 3-5 dino ie. dilopho well cave runners will start killing half of their dinos in no time at all. its even better of u tell me a giga or rex if i kill my own tame to get like good blueprints mayb some luck needs to apply here. i ma go kill 20 of my rex now. if all this happens after you are done with the new dlc which is what i think so u can have more funds for your bills and all along with the pay for dev. there will be more room for new players which can gain u more incomes for further use of events servers etc and we players are also happy too i guess? well we cant make everyone happy but i think it will solve most of the problems in your hands now. dont burn me i m a new bird i cant post much. sorry for my bad english doing a cloud server after u have enough funds for uploading dino auto collect eggs at a set limit say only 30/50/70/100 dino can be uploaded auto collect max 50 eggs or something limitation of 600 and above crafting skills to be able to craft it or something i think it might free up some space for new players to enjoy
  13. Dino Aging!

    but if egg layer is laying less eggs which means players will tame a new batch of dinos which will caps the server even faster. say i have 20 dilo for egg farm if all 20 is gonna be in this old age soon i will tame another 20 dilo n drain out this 20old ones before killing them which means i will be at 40 dilo at current before killing any if every egg farmer tribe do this the server will caps in no time. old aging it dosent helps too cause if its old i will keep on breeding even more before it dies off. and are u telling me to milk run every month or 2-3? i dont want my wyvern or griffon to die u know? lol if they make us a reason to kill off dino like ovis cause we need mutton i will chainsaw it if i have to n breed again later. say ie. u can sacrifice small dino like dilopho for buffs im sure team of cave runner will just kill half of their small dinos every time they are caving or if u tell me i can sacrifice a rex to boost rex stats at random for say 2-5 points? then i will be killing 20 of my rex because i have a reason to do so and only keep the best not just let them wandering around to kill wild dino? :\ just saying dont burn a new bird like me please i can only post afew post daily
  14. Dino Aging!

    add on to my above post. if they give buff/item drops/ heavy exp/ stats boost or some other i dont know you can add on im sure every big tribes will start killing their own dinos lol
  15. Dino Aging!

    well it would be good if they can give us a reason to kill off dino in a later patch because right now the only reason dino die is mainly bossing, lag/dc, ovis or because the tribe is hitting the cap and they dont wanna split the tribe members