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  1. i would wanna go for a box that keeps dino as data only in server. if not their server will be overloaded and be lag as hell. might be possiable to put in another server and link up i think? if possiable just make it gen some eggs out at cap 100 each type of dino in the box. most tribe have cap dino in 1 server because its a egg farm
  2. this problem isnt new to me. someone place a pillar ontop of the place you are building. or somewhere below. well its top or bottom and its very close to you. placing a gate is not a problem because it dosent count the top but half of it or bottom part only. but the door count as whole for the detecting part sorry for my english hope it helps try building closer in or move to the outside abit
  3. Lavincy

    how about a new game mode/ arena content?

    maybe you can let us unlock tek axe or tek pick axe if we clear it at high level or a spear that will come back to us when we trow it out by running gassolin or element? i mean what would be awesome?
  4. just wondering because its getting boring for me. im not a very pvp person and sure enough i know the pvp now is much cooked. from how i see this game by playing over a thousand plus hours most of us know that this game ‘ark’ needs alot of team work to get things done if not it will burn your life/time by lots.. how about a arena content? if you have a pve content that needs artifact to get in? or some cheap items just for the sake of fun? if not you do be able to add prize for us like a 1 time use skins which i dont mind? probly like some tower defence style? eg. only players we go in with our own gears on foot trying to defend a some castle or something? or play as dinos at random type when respawn? (would need to remove gay dinos too tho where is the fun when it is easy?) or nothing to defend at alll just spawn a hord of dino for us to clear? where we bring our dino and gears like some pve arena where each level of new spawns get harder and see how far we can go. you can reward us with new skins or what ever u wan with it. look at the sotf mode its going down to near zero now. you must well make a new server with maze like arena n let us run wild in it with or without our gears maybe just so we need to farm in it when we have no gears to make it fair but life is probly unfair so the market of pvp n pve will start running wild with trades for arena event like this.. and make it a pvp mode.. just saying.. there are loads of ideals i am sure all players in this game can come up with. when i hit a thousand plus hours i start to get bored of ark because the only things i do were farm and breed mayb build some house to burn some time away till our tribes go for a boss fight again. what do you guys out there think? list any amount of ideals you can im just hoping for ark to not be as how i feel now again. with love- Lavincy
  5. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    ahh it wouldnt cap if like i said on above the awfully long post. well maybe i was wrong and i see you reason too. sorry my bad on saying back firingbut SmokeyB do have a point too where alpha will remain alpha because im not going to go to other server for raiding maybe if my alliance can give us some armor and we bring our aberration dino over. i wouldnt really be ok with item transfering. lets just make that as it is now lol. so u have to farm extra for ur alliance if u need help would be kinda fun. because if item transfering is going to happen pve server will flood with rubbish pillars again we all have tons of walls n foundation on old server but if we are not the one holding good spot area for base but was pillar for fun by other tribe would suck alot because in pve we cant just c4 them
  6. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    i dont think it is able to as now i see how it works. for spino is still spino it isnt ‘spino xyz ( aberrant spino)’ its is still ‘spino xyz (spino)’ it goes by the main line and since it isnt a new type of dino it is registed as unable to transfer is how i see for the reason to my ans..
  7. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    wow wow wow hold it hold on.. ya telling me you took aberration dino back in and out? is it still the same now?
  8. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    there is always pros and cons which cant please everyone but i just feel that the older maps are no longer an active map anymore. maybe just 9/70 players shown now ._. from a 50/70 or 70/70
  9. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    sorry but if you dont allow character to be transfer wouldnt it be as good as stand alone server? sometimes starting from zero is abit pointless. i would prefer to transfer in and learn new engrams to use if not i would feel that the thousand hours i plaied are for nothing lol
  10. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    well eli said have no plans but hopefully they will reconsider it. because it seem to me it is backfiring now think about it hours you spend all went missing. if its your so call main base its just sad
  11. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    i dont know how to tag any of them sadly
  12. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    i agree with everyone for pvp yes but hey all op, i bought SE with the game back in early access lets face it we hug our old pvp base (in island) only go SE to tame and take some bps back. build small house near alliance when needed back up we will bring wyverns back to help we cover for each other. i know the point of aberration but if you let us transfer back only aberration oh so special dino it will help build the game to be more fun. and now pvp players cant help alliance in aberration becase we cant transfer in. are dev gonna make it a stand alone map? well we are over powered by bigger tribes and not all tribe have alot active member too.. in my pve server i play in we all know you have just more than 1 base in the game. we all have atless 1 base in every map. now pve players are rushing to aberration. there was case where my aus alliance didnt went back in time on the last day all dino are gone. sure enough she left that map for good and never want to come back again. the few china tribe i alliance with i message them to come back but 1 tribe miss it house is flat gone too. those who lost all dino and house will never come back, they have no reason to do so too. if you make aberration type dino able to transfer in and out we have a reason to go back face it, its easier to breed over in new base other than reaper and drake you have almost everything in your old map but unable to get back in time everything is gone. i heared someone say something about dino cap in my other post or something. i made a post that give us reason to make it uncap so since there is reply here i will say it here too. uncaping it is simple give us a reason to do so. we kill ovis to get raw mutton this is a reason. if u tell me to savage a dino for cave buff i will do it since i have only 100 helth 200 weight the rest to crafting in pve. you only need 1 male 2 female to have tons of eggs. you dont kill it because you didnt have to. the hell are you going to do with 100 over low stats rex? if you give us a reason to kill bigger dino for buff to cave run or buff for x2 eggs layer buff maybe even stats boost 1 stats randomly added to rex if you savage 1 rex but not in base stats. maybe drop blueprints with some luck to get at most mc bps sure enough server will uncap itself way faster than everyone thinks. dont tell me dino age you wouldnt feel good to pay 5k ingot for 5 days wyvern scamers will be flooding in. to dev: dont tell me you dont have money for more gaming server and cloud server (make egglayers 3 per tribes limit 30 dino auto collect eggs) you can always sell skins. in pvp if you have a skin to adjust say smithy to make it half size not just in skin but the real thing to save more space it will sell like hot cakes. make seasonly limited edition bundle skins!! out of ideals? you can always pay us survival you know? this game is already broken you already selling skins for ps4 so must well you do it till the end. im sorry for the long post
  13. Lavincy

    old server getting lesser player online?

    well lets hope so lol
  14. Lavincy

    aberrant transfer

    say how do you guys feel ifonly aberrant dino and aberration dino are transferable in and out but not normal previous dino? also how about transferable food/consumable? but not non aberrant dino fert. egg or non aberration dino fert. egg? maybe this might prevent some lag in new aberration server and people will still go back to their old server? there seem to be no reason to go back to normal server if you are in the hype for aberration imo. only holding old base just so maybe in future we can do some trades but unable to bring back to aberration so it will sit tightly in an almost empty server lol..