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  1. Same here. it made me crazy. Tried to trap them on my megaechelon too and just drop fish near them.. nothing.
  2. Yeah, this server is worse than the worst Ragna servers... and it is a new dlc map that has not even opened transferes yet. At this rate the server will die soon. No one can stand this problems much longer. I am truly disappointed by the new dlc stability, and i did not have high hopes to start with, but this is umbearable.
  3. You have to be active in the forum first. think they count posts, and then they let you in. to prevent trolling. Edit added: I don't know how many posts is required. but apparently you can only post like 4 things/day untid you get full membership. I just noticed that, and therefore adds answere in my original post ?
  4. Please don't lock me out! I don't want to be forced to socialize or to go... outside?? Let me go back into my "safe" virtual world, where i can be myself and just curl up in my homemade wooden chair infront of global chat snacking on locally produced poop! ??
  5. to be fair, it's not always ARKs fault, last time my internet provider decided to update my network for two whole days, and both days i had taken days off... fml
  6. Crap like this ALWAYS happens when I take a day off from work...? I hope it will be fixed soon.
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