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  1. In order to get the kinds of things you are talking about, they would have to monetize the game more (i.e. subscriptions, premium accounts or microtransactions). This of it like a business. They make their money releasing expansions and that requires a focus on content. More bang for your buck in each release. It's not about making the game smooth, bug free, tight, perfectly balanced.
  2. The toilet currently does not consume the "have to poop" status when you poop on the toilet. If you have to poop, you can repeatedly poop, flush, repeat to generate as much fertilizer as you want.
  3. Been playing around with the troodon in single player. If I had to guess i'd say the troodon was a first-attempt at radar mechanics. What was learned from the troodon help with implementation of the parasaur radar (which might be a bit too op). In any case the parasaur radar is 100% better in every way; better radius, always on (can comb the map with an argy and find buried purlovia caches), passive turret mode. clearer to see the symbol (with the troodon you have to be looking AT the troodon and do a little circle around it to get the vision) being able to see
  4. I guess it makes more sense if you never use his main attack, but instead use first person and hit with a speak/pike/sword/club. His "DPS" can effectively be higher that way. You can hit with a spear/pike/sword from his back more easily than other dinos because of his profile. Ive also noticed he can turn on a dime in first person which many other dinos cannot. So its HP can kind of work like a meat shield.
  5. It can't even run away from most predators; it's charge gets interrupted by damage. -Its primary attack does a whopping 10 base damage. Making it worthrless. Raptor is way better at 28 and attacks much faster. -It's head damage reduction doesn't apply for melee damage (same for most dinos with a headshot multiplier or reduction. -Noticed that testing in single player).Its main attack is like a unarmed attack where it doest about equal topor damage to melee damage. -Its charge attack does about 3.5x topor damage but its very slow to repeatly use it to KO a dino you have restra
  6. No this was taken out because it makes all other dinos besides flyers obsolete.
  7. No this would result in mountains 100% stripped of metal all the time. Players could pepper the mountain with 5-10 ankys and make it so metal spawns are essentially always harvested and in a downed state. Metal rocks are in clusters on mountains but the geometry is more spread out and varied. The anky would get stuck in a lot of places or be up against a wall in the mountainside running in place. It could go down the mountain over a cliff and kill itself from fall damage. Finding the anky could be a pain if it falls to a crevasse. Wild creatures on mountains attack and eat ankys. Th
  8. The diplodocus is an odd tame, in that it doesn't really seem to have any practical use for the following reasons. It is too large. One major issue with the diplo, bronto, paracer etc super large tames is that they are hard to store and keep safe. A player with a crossbow and determination can, over hour, pick apart these giants from the bushes. To be honest, when a learned that I could take down something as large as a diplo just but standing undernearth it and stabbing it repeatedly with my spear, I was a little disappointed. There should be some mechanism that stops "small arms" from dam
  9. This is a big point because they need to consider in game design: the length of a play-session for the average player. Ark is very bad with regard to this because of the combination of how long it takes to tame a dino. See you need to 1. Acquire resources (if you were freshly wiped from your last logon you need to start fresh). So get up an running with a crafting station to have the stuff ready to do the taming. 2. Do the taming which takes hours. 3. Now that you have your tame, log off and having it killed while you are offline. A persistent world does not not in any way favor
  10. Ark is a tremendously fun game in it's current incarnation. However I can't help but feel, as im sure an overwhelming number of players do, that there is something intangible missing from the core pvp/pve gameplay of ark. I think this boils down to what in programming language we would call the user story; sit the client down and have them describe to you what they want the program to do when they use it. Now in a video game this is a bit tricky because it's mixed with what we might call capturing imagination; what did you think ark might be like from the story, lore, arkwork ect. One
  11. Well I mean your potition does have some supporting evidence. The most popular unofficial server I found (most players) was something called elite ark and they basically broke the game down into seasons. (You can google them to find out more and read their faq). I probably have to be careful what I say, but borrowing or drawing inspiration from what is working might be a good idea. I mean there's also plenty of evidence that it all could go wrong. There was another online survival game that tried to do the same thing called Rend. It bascially poop the bed in early access because player aban
  12. I think they might be going the right direction with Ark 2. Some of the problems they are having might require a technical remake from the ground up while keeping the on-paper game design. To me it looked like they prioritized creativity and content over optimization and bug fixes (which by the way, probably that was totally the right decision business wise). But yeah i would say the top two things I desire are: 1. A smoother, more optimized game. Resistance to hack included. I think graphics are a heavy part of this. 2. Addressing the feel of people wanting "server reset". They dont reall
  13. PVP turn your graphics down to a potatoe level to see enemies better as well as see clearly at night.
  14. When im holding a shield, LMB raises the shield. But without a shield it drops the torch. I have found it a nuisance to be playing on high or medium graphics settings, and needing to drop my torch at night but im also carrying a shield. If reload key would drop the torch that would work perfectly. Additionally, I might suggest that the torch would go better in the offhand. That way you could carry it at night when youre mining stone or chopping wood. There does NOT need to be a button for "put away offhand". A shield had to be "Donned" in dnd because you have to strap it on. It shouldnt
  15. It makes sense. Wildcard has been a studio whose philosophy has been "put out more content" rather than polish existing content. Its been a very successful philosophy. Contrast this with a game like Planetside 2, which has seen endless tweaks, modifications, nerfs, attempts at balance. But really very little new content added over its lifetime. Wildcard's approach has been wildly successful. I think it's too early for Ark 2 because what do they have? A trailer, which is a movie, and shows zero gameplay and doesnt even give us a design synopsis. What will it be? What is the goal here? Ta
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