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  1. Boss victory timer setting

    We've seen griffins and rock elementals^^ Thx so far - seems nobody knows sth about a server setting regarding that timer?
  2. Boss victory timer setting

    Even the element and trophies? We did get skins but only looted 40 element from the dragon (manually by opening it's inventory) and possibly lost the rest from the manticor (no manticor trophy either) Will check the rexes again though.
  3. Boss victory timer setting

    Hey guys, is there a server setting for the timer before getting teleported out of the boss arena? Defeated the Ragnarok bosses for the first time. The Manticor was killed while airborne and we couldn't find it's body. I guess there was a lootbag if anything. But, well, just a tiny bit more time would have been superb (It's a private server btw)
  4. Favourite creature for exploring?

    Direwolve all the way... fast and good dmg