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  1. Hey, it's Monday, October 2nd 11:30am EST and the server is offline again, and according to Battlemetrics has been for the last 5 hours. Please. Fix. This.
  2. Thank you, I was hoping someone ran some tests. The server had been experiencing consistent crashes several times a day thanks to duplication exploiters, but every time it rolled back just fine, so the saves are *there* unless the failure caused the save data to become corrupt. If the save data exists, what's stopping engineers on site from moving it to a different machine with intact hardware/proper deployment and just assigning it the same IP, or redirecting to the new server? There's no way in hell the saves are only stored on that rack, anyone with any ounce of competence would be automatically backing them up to several different sites. I honestly just hope @lilpanda can be honest and clear with us and tell us what happened, what they're doing to fix it and how long it'll take. Nitrado hasn't even given any signal at all that anything is broken. They haven't replied to my tweets and the server status page shows all operational. If this isn't going to be resolved, I need to know so I can stop wasting time and start new on a different server...
  3. Hey @lilpanda I realize you're trying to get this solved, but can we at least get an explanation about what exactly is wrong? Did an update raptor something up? Are these 2 servers hosted on a datacenter that just had a fire? I'd just like to know what is wrong and keeping this from being fixed.' Also, is anything gonna be done about missing the 2x weekend?