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  1. DrPachyrhinosaurus

    xbox Dino Nerf

    It fix, was a configuration error, anyway thanks
  2. DrPachyrhinosaurus

    xbox Dino Nerf

    My bad, thanks for check it
  3. DrPachyrhinosaurus

    xbox Dino Nerf

    I dont know if im the only one, but I check all my dinos and all have their melee damage back to when I first tamed, I dont know if its a bug or something but I dont have this problem never. I wanna think its temporal but I dont know. Any idea why it happen ? or its just a bug ? I play on Singleplayer, Ragnarok Xbox One S
  4. DrPachyrhinosaurus

    Griffin Colour Glitch

    It hasnt been fix in singleplayer, I think they wont fix it up in a very long time
  5. In the last update, the spawning of the artifact of the skylord on its cave in single player, keep missing, any idea when it would be fix ?
  6. DrPachyrhinosaurus

    New Dino Ideas

    A drake ?
  7. DrPachyrhinosaurus

    New Dino Ideas

    Acrocanthosaurus and styracosaurus