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  1. [9/13] TM PVP 5x/5h/10t )(ORP,S+,AA) IP: Brought to you by TM Gaming, dedicated host, active (non-playing) admin. Come give this server a shot and stop being frustrated with the poorly ran official servers. Alphas are wanted! This server is currently running the following mods: s+ Automated ARK (with ammo box) Homing Pigeon (look it up, it's awesome) Custom Beacons - Beacons that drop things that are worth-while. Kibble, Fishing stuff, BPs that matter (no crap BPs). Every beacon is worth fighting for! Custom Stacks and Weight adjustments Dino Colors (as requested by the females (and Ken) on the server) Dino Finder (find dinos and their levels with a hud display) Hope to see people!