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  1. Thank you to those who joined us, plenty of room for more!
  2. Really would love to see new people. Love the game, need competition lets make this server great. Don't get me wrong love playing on Official servers because of the competition, but hate the bickering, lag and 10 minutes of fighting to get on. So Private server is the way to go.
  3. Sorry - Was out of town and hurricane. Should be good to go. Thank you!
  4. Land of Manapua 9/21 Fresh PVE Ragnarok 2xH,T, XP Server IP Slots - Fresh Wipe/Restarted 9/21/2017Mods: S+, Pet Finder, Omnicular, Extra Ark DoubleDoors, StacksOnly http://server-bxeo.arkers.io/Fun group, looking for more players.Newbies welcome. NO PVP: have fun, no trolls. Friendly environment, great place to hang and play, build, tame, go wild.Come get a piece of the 'Rok!! Plan to add a Abberation Server once it is out as well.