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    Where is Ark for windows 10?

    So Ark windows 10, its still a thing right or did they cancel that. When I first learned that if you had Ark on Xbox One then you would be able to get it on windows 10 for free and the same goes the Scorpio, but where is it at is it going to be a thing still or am I waiting for something that's not going to happen. If it is out and I just can't find it then I'll admit that's my fault but if it's not then I think that you have got some explaining to do maybe a single post that says "Hay everyone Windose 10 edition won't is out for while." So this is my little rant if anyone has any helpful info please tell me I would like to know.
  2. This looks awesome, I have a question though ark on windows 10 is free if you have it on Xbox but i can't find it please help