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  1. I can't get my circle to go away, even after picking up the S+ feeding trough. I tried picking it up, destroying it, placing a non-modded version (vanilla) one down, and this green circle still won't go away. Is it forever stuck on my world? Anyone have any ideas how to make this thing go away?
  2. Completing Endgame PvE, (Coop, Private Dedicated) So my wife and I have played a lot of Ark together. We have 3 PS4s, and use one to run a dedicated server for us. It's been awhile that we have played (playing other games). One thing we've never really done much of is the endgame (boss fights, ascension, tek armor). There have been some runs where we have fought a boss here and there (the flying Titan, Broodmother, the Big ape once), but not consistently. It just seems like a crazy amount of prep work and farming (for element?). We've done a lot of taming, exploring, building, etc. But we want to work towards the endgame this go around. So just a couple of questions: Which map has the 'easiest' end game for a coop team? Which map has less 'grinding'? Do I need to transfer between maps to have an effective endgame experience? Is there any other suggestions for completing the end game you would have?
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