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  1. Phiomas are OP

    Is there any use to phiomas other then poo machines.
  2. Quick question

    So why all of a sudden recentyly does it take 20mins to load onto a server when before last update it was fine with even bad internet is it my fault or theirs.
  3. Character name change

    Yeh i did think itd be bad or especially good for trolls or tribe espionage. My bad how do i do a ticket?
  4. Who agrees a use for artifacts other the bosses should be introduced. I thought what if you got a artifact the one from south the easy one and a sauropod vertebrate then took it to a smithy then a engram shows up Titan Club (names pending) these are low durability and have a spoil time so no farming. A artifact could change its effect or level and the special loot the item produced or maybe just random. Itd be cool to see this introduced as their isnt much choice really in non primitive for battle gun or bow sword or club. No one can say thats so unrealistic afterall theres giant alien towers so you know.The items should have an organic look argy feather armor increase speed or reduce fall damage full bird man look. I know itd take time but id rather this then another add-on.
  5. Character name change

    Is there a way to change character name or could we have one introduced like mindwipe say gather a arifact a argy feather and leech to change name or give me a 3x weekend so i can make a new charaxter as i feel my current name os a bit silly made in the early morning
  6. Be The Best Troll You Can Be

    Also when the next 3x event?
  7. First off id like to join a tribe a tribe on pvp server official bit not like full on up their own backsides but just good ol happy to build massive bases tame mass dodo army and fun round of fisticuffs but ive met a tribe who arent so the kind that puts you in a cage after you disconnect and get real weird or kick you out for no good reason other then being a outcast i dont really get it. In conclusion im just aiming to mess with them ive lured therinzo to their base to kill their tames or persistently removed their berriesfrom a bronto they were taming for an hour without them noticing (A real hungry bronto) then killing it with their own leaders sword (should have used stimberries to wake it up).So is there any good or fun ways to mess with them?
  8. Alphas an prime meat

    Oh right jeez i know that know since the first reply i remembered pick is better for meat so cool it everyone.
  9. Grappling hook a wyvern

    Ah so no chance of melee killing a wyvern without 100 hooks
  10. Grappling hook a wyvern

    Are you able to attach a hook to a flying dino and attack it without it breaking?
  11. Alpha pick or hatchet for prime?

    Yep 14 with pick so yeh just not a one time thing.
  12. I used a hatchet but only got 2 prime is a pick better?
  13. Alphas an prime meat

    Would paracers be easier then hunting alphas?.
  14. Alphas an prime meat

    Killed a level 45 alpha raptor early not to hard just need to trap it but 2 prime and 100 hide cmon but blue bow and purple spear not too shabbby however i thought id be getting alot more prime im trying to make the mindwipe.
  15. Alphas an prime meat

    yeh checked the wiki its only prime