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  1. I"m sad to say this may be the nail in the coffin for Ark. I'm in a small tribe that has been working for the last year in an effort to actually take on some of the bosses. Because this game is so time consuming and takes so long to get anywhere we are just now ready to start hitting bosses and getting some Tek gear. But since the game has been so buggy and horribly laggy we have been holding off in the hopes of moving the hundreds of hours of hard work to a new server that didn't lag. Now it seems we will never realize that dream and wildcard is leaving us to rot. I know they could make it so everyone could at least transfer their dinos (hard work) to a new server but choose not to. I don't have the time to once again start all over again. Thanks WildCard for making the decision to quite this game for me. You probably saved me hours of wasted time playing this game.
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