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  1. OGsolution66


    it can't be that hard... get rid of some of the dead legacy ones.
  2. its server vs server now... not fighting just on your server...
  3. OGsolution66

    best stats to bump?

    like for the griffin i figured stam and health seems safe but does the melee effect the power of the smash? if so is it enough to put points into it or is the smash just OP enough already? and what are some dinos that you only pump 1 or 2 specific stats?
  4. OGsolution66

    Event still active

    agreed this event is/was aids
  5. OGsolution66

    Weird crash/rollbacks possible dupe?

    yeah something is going on for sure... im thinking duping too and WC does little to nothing
  6. OGsolution66

    constant roll backs

    went to server 327 trying to start new on a rag server... well long story short... the server kept rolling back about 30 min...play 30... get rolled back... play 30 get rolled back. happened 3 times then i switched servers. but C'mon WC do something. your timers didnt do jack.
  7. OGsolution66

    more new center servers!

    i dont know exact numbers but there are a lot (too many) island servers especially that are lower population, where every center server have 40-50 most of the time. doesnt make sense there is not more.
  8. OGsolution66

    Nitrado server questions..

    id prolly keep taming to 2.0 too personally.... still makes kibble relevant
  9. OGsolution66

    Duper’s are running the show at Wildcard

    Wildcard the king of putting a band aid on a bullet wound lol
  10. OGsolution66

    Duper’s are running the show at Wildcard

    lol once again Wildcard will sit back and worry about new content instead of fixing or completing what is already out.
  11. OGsolution66

    Constant Ddossing...

    once again many server are experiencing ddossing and i'm sure dupping... want to actually do something about it this time or just let it go like legacy?
  12. OGsolution66

    Duper’s are running the show at Wildcard

    when your server is the only one lagging at 200 plus ping, rolls back constantly or its lags you all the way out and you cant get back into your sever but "can't find address" is all you get but any other server you can log into just fine...... that's how you know lol
  13. That's exactly what I'm looking for! And with orp it'll be perfect for me having a life also
  14. cant wait to try this server man boosts and rules seem very good!!
  15. will you be switching to a rentable server in the future? i haven't played on a player dedicated but i just worry about the lag.