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  1. Nitrado server questions..

    id prolly keep taming to 2.0 too personally.... still makes kibble relevant
  2. Duper’s are running the show at Wildcard

    Wildcard the king of putting a band aid on a bullet wound lol
  3. Duper’s are running the show at Wildcard

    lol once again Wildcard will sit back and worry about new content instead of fixing or completing what is already out.
  4. Constant Ddossing...

    once again many server are experiencing ddossing and i'm sure dupping... want to actually do something about it this time or just let it go like legacy?
  5. Duper’s are running the show at Wildcard

    when your server is the only one lagging at 200 plus ping, rolls back constantly or its lags you all the way out and you cant get back into your sever but "can't find address" is all you get but any other server you can log into just fine...... that's how you know lol
  6. New PC, PS4, & Xbox Servers Released

    where are the center servers and prim + on xbox... there are very few, also i thought there was supposed to be ORP servers for xbox or am i just not seeing them?
  7. will be trying this after work! sounds right up my alley with work and family!
  8. That's exactly what I'm looking for! And with orp it'll be perfect for me having a life also
  9. cant wait to try this server man boosts and rules seem very good!!
  10. 24/7 Ragnarok Brand New

  11. You seem to have trolls... I logged on to being stuck in a stone 1x1... I'm nit wasting my time getting out. Tribe was revengers.. but I'm sure they will change it good luck but I'm out
  12. I'd rather do pvp but thanks
  13. sounds good lol but i bet my dinos are dead then... i kinda just left them out lol
  14. official sucks because of trolls (being a solo player) and now i cant find a decent player hosted because everyone is boosting everything.... what I'm looking for: close to same stats as official (slightly boosted is ok but still want kibble to matter in taming) but would like all aspects of breeding boosted. post here or message me GT: solution 66
  15. sounds good but want more info before committing to a server...