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    100/10. A quetz is worth more then some crap kibble and a basically useless ax you can use the quetz and hand pick a mammoth
  2. Why do people kill others tame?

    I appreciate when i get raided and not have my dino killed .. I usually avoid killing people dinos and dinos while taming. Unless it's an actual war well then its all or nothing .. But no matter what I will not kill a frog .
  3. I tried resetting the router.. Hard reset on the Xbox.. Logiin in and out of profiles so far no luck. But I see the number of people on my server going up and down so someone is able to join
  4. I tried joining a random server and it went through fine. But still no luck on the na official I play on
  5. I keep getting this message after server full message (Xbox ) and there is only like 40 people on
  6. pachy useless now?

    It's not useless its easy meat when im I'd flight and getting low on food