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    100/10. A quetz is worth more then some crap kibble and a basically useless ax you can use the quetz and hand pick a mammoth
  2. Question About Building

    Yeah you could leave it .. If try going over it again with another metal post
  3. Taming lvl nerf?

    If you starve it to long past 0 food it will lose health.. Or if it took too much damage while you were tranqing it you will not get alot of extra lvls
  4. Question About Building

    I had it happen and you have to demolish the stone pillar.. Some kind of bug. Under it should be the metal one
  5. How to get global text chat

    Lb + the double square button
  6. Tough tame

    Got someone to trade me Rex kibble and flew around for two hours looking for a quetz. After being flew around by my tribe mate on an argent we started landing enough shots but then he flew over someone's base and their plants started shooting him. So now he's bleeding and glowing green . I am also getting shot at the same time. Somehow land enough shots to down the quetz and what does he land on??? Someone's old spikes on the end of a cliff 200hp left. Somehow we got thatch foundations under him and broke the spike he was impaled on.. Across the cliff from us the alpha tribes base. When the quetz is about 90% tamed after 2 hours a guy from that base flies up on a quetz with ten plants on it.. Looks at me I start jumping up and down after a minute he left... GOT THE QUETZ!!!!!! I love and hate this game at the same time
  7. Oviraptor

    I tamed a lvl 4 oviraptor with about 150 dodo eggs took about 2 hours.. No one needs a high lvl oviraptor it doesn't do anything different
  8. 300% scorpion or dart gun

    Found it Upon impact, the Tranquilizer Dart deals 26 base damage to the target, which increases with the quality of the rifle it's fired from. The target's torpor will increase by 600% of the damage dealt instantaneously, as well as an additional 250% of the over the next 5 seconds. For scorp multiply melee % by 0.45 So 120% gun would be 30 x 600 = 180 +70 over the next 5 so 250 over 5 seconds Scorp 300 x .45 = 135 over 10 seconds
  9. Any Personal Tips and Tricks to Get Started?

    Craft anything to level up quicker sinch fiber is free craft cloth shirts and get narc berries and learn narcotics they level you up fast
  10. Why do people kill others tame?

    I appreciate when i get raided and not have my dino killed .. I usually avoid killing people dinos and dinos while taming. Unless it's an actual war well then its all or nothing .. But no matter what I will not kill a frog .
  11. 300% scorpion or dart gun

    I saw somewhere how to calculate the torpor to compare them but I can't find the post
  12. Despawning loot at online raid

    Aplha tribe came for my safes while they blew the back I respawned inside and dumped the safe and waited.. I left one thatch in the safe so there would be a cache bag. It was nice to rub it in there face they wasted about 70 c4s and rpgs for a piece of thatch.. They came back the next week with a dodorex and ate my whole base .. Pvp is great
  13. 300% scorpion or dart gun

    I am gonna try to get a quetzal which one do you think would put him to sleep quicker. I have a 120% rifle with tranq darts and a scorpion with 300% melee..
  14. Speeding up unconscious dino food drain?

    If it's a dino I really want I sit there. If I have friends on wr all stay in the area and mess around killing all things in the area to waste time. I have lost dinos for all kind of reasons while taming. I've had Compy sneak in pens and eat a Rex .. I had a lvl 2 spawnnin my pennand kill a 120 scorpion at 99% while I walked in. I had tribes attack . and some people just kill your tames in purpose. So yeah today I got a 116 doed and we sat for two hours
  15. Plant species X

    1.as many as possible 2. I would place a variety of settings .. All on high 3. Rpgs clear them out quick but they are weak also against normal damage 4.fertilizer bags lasts pretty long I used to avoid them until i had dinos with such high HP that at this point I will let them shoot me while I scope out the base. But they are still a deterrent compared to people who's baae you can just walk around. But they will not protect you alone